Beautiful Bali

18 October 2011
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Flight Centre's Melanie Mayfield returns to her favourite destination, Bali. Melanie loves the shopping in Bali but also enjoys the serenity of the rice paddies and mountains around Ubud. Melanie appreciates the Balinese culture and experiences a Barong Dance. Melanie has fond memories of her many trips to Bali.

 Balinese Dancer

Bali really does have something for everyone; shopping and pampering for the ladies, water sports and bars for the boys, and adventure and water parks for the kids. It is truly amazing.

Arriving in Bali, you will find yourself instantly mesmerized by the unique culture of the Balinese. Although they are very traditional people you will find they all have a bit of Aussie in them. Walking down Melasti Street, the main street in Bali, you expect to hear the local language but instead you will hear, "G'day, mate!" with a bit of a twang to it.

Shopping in Bali is what Bali is known for. You can either be a serious shopper or a laid- back stroll along shopper. No matter what type you are, you will always find a bargain. Whether it is jewellery or clothes or some knick-knacks for the house, there is something for everyone. There are definitely a few tricks when it comes to shopping in Bali. If you are after good bargains just ask me how

Heading out of the hustle and bustle and up to the mountains of Ubud, you will start to realize the full diversity of this culture. Every life changing event such as a birth, a death, or a wedding has a celebration or ceremony. A great way to capture all of this is not only by visiting a village but by going to see a traditional Barong Dance.

While up in the mountains you will get to see the breath-taking rice paddies. I remember stopping halfway up a mountain and stepping out and having a good look at one of the many that you will pass. The amount of work and dedication that goes into these paddies is unbelievable. I would highly suggest doing this just to take in the serenity.

Most people that I talk to tell me it is unbelievable that after almost twenty trips to this beautiful island I can still find myself saying just one more time. There is definitely something about this island that will keep me coming back for more.

What makes Bali so special? I honestly wouldn't know where to start. The one thing that comes to mind as soon as I think of Bali is sitting on the beach with my parents watching the sunset and the waves rolling in and dad getting his wallet washed into the surf. It was one of my most memorable family moments.

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