The Best Places To "Get Lost" In Singapore

10 March 2015
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On a recent trip to Singapore, Brian Crisp sought out four locals who know the city as well as anyone and asked them where they would "get lost" to discover the real Singapore. From finding the traditional areas and sensational food, to leaving the steel forest behind for green parks, their answers might surprise you.

Chef LG Han

Labyrinth restaurant, opposite the Maxwell Hawker Centre

The real Singapore – good question. I guess I need to ask myself what the real Singapore is. Are we looking for traditional Singapore - like watching my grandmother cook over an old wok - or is it what Singapore is now, a more urban city.

 Arab Street's shops and restaurants

For me I would say start in Arab Street and just walk and you will discover a traditional area; and then you walk further down past new shopping areas into a hipster area. Further down to Chinatown it becomes more traditional again.

Just walk around. If you have time you can head out to the heartland areas where you will find bicycles everywhere, great markets, locals enjoying morning coffee and good food.

 Join the locals for a delicious meal in Chinatown

Gaynor Reid

Director of communications, Asia Pacific at Accor

I get lost on a weekly basis when I just go to the shopping centres as they are just so big. Every mall leads into another so I can enter an Ion and finish on the other side of the city. If you don’t like someone and want to get them lost, just send them shopping.

 It's easy to "get lost" in Singapore's enormous shopping centres (Image: Getty)

I love Jabiru which is a really hip suburb with great boutiques, spas, bookshops, and cafes. That is where I would go to get lost in terms of spending an afternoon exploring.

To me Singapore is about great food, heat, sweat and access to the rest of the world.

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Vincent Lelay

Sofitel So general manager

Interestingly there are a lot of nice places where you can go. If you like culture I suggest  the eastern part of Singapore. It has a lot of nice local restaurants, but also a lot of heritage with emphasis on design and the production of local products.

Then there is the other side of Singapore - lots of natural parks that are well preserved where you can take your family for the day.

 Visit one of Singapore's beautiful parks

Jo Soh

The brains behind internationally acclaimed fashion label hansel

You can’t get lost in Singapore. It’s too damn small.

I would love to get lost in one of the nature reserves. Whether it's walking towards Labrador Nature Reserve or Bukit Timah (The hill at 163.63 metres is the highest point in the city-state of Singapore). It is beautiful and right at the doorstep of this concrete jungle.

It’s is the perfect balance of living here in Singapore.

Singapore means to me “my home”. I was born here. I grew up here. It gave me my first start. I love the weather here and it feels like I’m on holiday every day.

 Where will you get lost in Singapore? (Image: Getty)

Brian Crisp

I've has been a journalist for more than 30 years and travelled to more than 60 countries. When I travel I love getting lost because that's when you find the true heart of a city. I love country music, but as yet I haven't made it to Nashville. Perhaps next year!