A Boys’ Getaway Guide To The Cook Islands

14 June 2014
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Guys like to play as hard as they work, which means a sun-soaked destination such as the Cook Islands is the perfect pick for a well-earned holiday with the lads. There's plenty to do, both in and out of the water, so here is our guide to a boys’ getaway in the Cook Islands.

 Pile into a boat with mates and cruise along the calm Cook Islands water

Catch dinner out of the blue

As your flight circles the main hub of Rarotonga, it’s obvious that the lure of the Cook Islands lies in its diverse environment. Dramatic peaks pierce the rainforest-covered interior of the island, while white-sand beaches slope gently into crystal-clear lagoons. Beyond this is the deep blue water of the South Pacific Ocean and it is out there that exciting deep sea fishing takes place.

Heading out on a charter boat from Rarotonga grants access to an array of fish that are as impressive on the line as they are on the plate. Expect a challenging fight when catching blue marlin, wahoo and mahi mahi. There are plenty of good charter boat companies that supply professional fishing gear and come with experienced captains who know the best local fishing spots.

Take a look at a new world

While deep sea fishing is one way to experience the diversity of ocean life, there is nothing quite like entirely immersing yourself in the underwater world. The Cook Islands offers a range of diving locations to suit beginners and scuba pros alike. Learn to dive in calm lagoon waters or tackle immense drop-offs, where the ocean floor suddenly disappears into an abyss that’s hundreds of metres deep.

Under the surface you can explore sunken wrecks and you have the chance to get intimate with some seriously big fish including the majestic eagle ray. Hammerhead sharks and humpback whales pass through the Cooks between June and October, and schools of barracuda floating along the current are a regular sight.

 Local musicians providing beach entertainment on the Cook Islands

Into the rainforest

Sure, when you are all back on dry land you could spend some time on the beach lounging in the sun, but as there is so much more to discover it would be a shame to stop now.

On Rarotonga, take a guided trek across the lush, rugged interior of the island. You can stop along the way to identify medicinal plants used in Polynesian culture and to take in the stunning views. Most of the walks require a bit of physical exertion on your part, but you are usually rewarded with a refreshing waterfall at the end.

A night on the town

When everyone is tired out from the day’s adventures, you can choose to kick back and take it easy, or you can join the locals and other visitors for an authentic Cook Islands night out. Good bars are easy to find on Rarotonga and the friendly islanders really know how to throw a party. Traditional drummers bang away throughout the night and there is never a tamure dance performance too far away.

A bar-hopping bus on Friday nights means you and the boys can visit all of Rarotonga’s hot spots and keep trying your legendary fishing tales out on a different crowd late into the night.

Will Farrier

As a traveller hooked on discovering Asia and Latin America at his own pace, Will has formed a great understanding of Bangkok’s backstreet markets, rural Japanese bus timetables and hitch-hiking in Bolivia. Growing up by the beach, Will is drawn to travel by the coast for that unique mix of the exhilarating and the tranquil.