South Australia Only Leaves You Wanting More

30 July 2015
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If the way to your heart is through your stomach, South Australia will have you smitten right from the get-go. Photographer Brendan McGrath (@theaustraliantraveller) can attest to this. From wandering through the grape wines to following his nose through Adelaide's fresh produce markets, Brendan shares his highlights from a winter trip to the Festival State.

 Penfolds Magill Estate (Image: @theaustraliantraveller)

What were your first impressions?

The ease of getting around and the close proximity of some of Australia’s most iconic experiences is the first thing that hit me. Given my daily commute in the traffic jams of Sydney, it was refreshing to be able to cross the city of Adelaide from the Central market to the gates of Penfolds 15 minutes later.

 A beautiful abandoned barn in the Barossa (Image: @theaustraliantraveller)

What was the one shot in your mind you had to have?

Photos of bright winter vine leaves at sunset are an iconic image of South Australia. Luckily we caught an incredible sunset on our first night in Adelaide and the photographic gods delivered!

 Waitpinga Beach on the Fleurieu Peninsula (Image: @theaustraliantraveller)

What was your favourite shot from the trip?

My favourite shot is from early morning at Waitpinga Beach on the Fleurieu Peninsula.  It was a dramatic landscape of crashing surf as the sun snuck out from behind heavy clouds. The red sand of the beach lit up like a fire and more importantly we had the whole place to ourselves!

 A roadside fruit stall in Adelaide (Image: @theaustraliantraveller)

Do you have any tips for first-time visitors?

The food. Oh, the food. Everyone know that South Australia is home to some of the greatest wine in the world, but I was gobsmacked from the highest quality, fresh, seasonal produce that we saw at every meal.

From the central markets of Adelaide to the dining in the sky experience of 2KW, the Barossa Farmers market to the alfresco dining available at nearly every winery, South Australia is a food lovers' dream.

 Alpha Box & Dice in McLaren Vale (Image: @theaustraliantraveller)

Did you discover any particularly 'special' place?

Take me back to the worn leather couches of Alpha Box & Dice with a glass of red in hand without a worry in the world.

 Cycling at Jacobs Creek Visitor Centre (Image: @theaustraliantraveller)

If you were to go back, what would you definitely do again or perhaps do differently?

I would definitely continue my degustation tour of the Central markets. From the finest cheese, meat platters and coffee to the freshest fruit and desserts… you could spend years in there and not sample everything.

The only thing I would do differently is spend longer – I still need to venture out further to Kangaroo Island, Coober Pedy, Port Lincoln… oh well. Next time!

 Magill Estate Kitchen at Penfolds (Image: @theaustraliantraveller)

Describe South Australia in three words.

Incredible dining experience.

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