16 Reasons To Call In Sick This Summer

11 November 2015
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This time of year, when the moustache becomes man's most treasured possession and Myer is one more decorated tree away from playing Christmas songs on repeat, excitement is felt around the nation with the coming of summer.

It's a wonderful time of passport-shredding days, nation-wide events and gorgeous beaches. But for many full-time workers it can also be a frustrating tease living out summer vicariously through social media.

If you've got a couple of sick days spare, perhaps this is the time to dust them off and carpe diem all around Australia. Need a good reason? Here are 16.

1. Tropical Islands

#moretonisland #sunnyqld #australiagram #myaustralia #perfection #aussiesummer

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2. The World's Best Resorts

Wishing I was back here ~ poolside love

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3. Pools With A View

This is what gets me out of bed. @insideoutmag @sheridanaustralia #aussiesummer #sheridansummer #icebergs

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4. Family Bonding

Weekend throwback #aussiesummer #kidsplay #backyardfun #siblings #summertime #waterfun

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5. Gorging On Mangoes

Sunday munch #mangoes

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6. Explore In Silence

7. Pool Parties

#poolparty #t-rex #aussiesummer

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8. Keep That Blood Pumping

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Thinking of the Sunshine State? Queensland's Most Instagrammable Beaches

9. Road Tripping

10. Our Famous Backyard

11. Fun Times With The Best Bud

12. Ice Cream Stops

Nostalgia #mrwhippy #aussieicecream #aussie #melbourne

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13. Memories For Young & Old

14. Fruity Cocktails

15. Aussie Passion

Tip top weather for a test match. Come on Straya! #ausvsnz #aussiesummer

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16. Fall For Someone

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