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7 September 2016
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If you haven’t seen at least one famous face during your time in LA, can you really say you’ve been there? ... I jest! In a city where almost everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame, it doesn't take long to recognise someone you know from somewhere or something. Spotting your favourite celebrity is easy, you just have to know where to be and when. This 24-hour itinerary is guaranteed to help you cross paths with a few famous faces during your time in LA.

7am SoulCycle

Summer of fun! #summerofSOUL!

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Their website says their classes are “indoor cycling, reinvented”, but for those that can read between the lines, it’s more like spin class on steroids. Combining cycling with a full-body cardio dance class (by candlelight and with a killer soundtrack, no less), SoulCycle is the fat-burning workout of choice for glamours like Jessica Alba. Judging by her bod, it’s well worth the 45 minutes of pain. You’ll never be far from your next sweat sesh where you’ll be able to literally rub shoulders with someone famous, with outposts in Brentwood, Hollywood, Downtown and Santa Monica. Book in advance.

8.30am Breakfast

Once you’ve had your fitness fix, it’s time to nourish that temple. Long-time local love Urth Caffe serves up healthy, unfussy, yet delicious food. While you won’t find any acai on the menu, you can enjoy granola or oatmeal bowls alongside the likes of Sia and Anthony Keidis. Another celeb-friendly breakfast and brunch option is Joan’s on Third, a boutique marketplace with locations in Studio City and Third Street, frequented by Jared Leto and Jake Gyllenhaal.

9am Tame those locks

Chris McMillan might not ring a bell, but he’s credited for ‘the’ haircut of the 90s: ‘The Rachel’. Despite the now disaster do, Jennifer Aniston’s long-time hairstylist has a popular, airy salon in upmarket Beverly Hills. If her shiny locks are anything to go by, book that appointment, pronto.

11am Pamper time

Putting your best face forward isn’t just a necessity in LA, it’s often a job requirement. Facialists aren’t exactly few and far between, but there are a few standouts. For skin that sparkles, both Gina Mari and Kat Rudu purge pores and buff away dry skin with diamond-tipped microdermabrasion wands, while you can expect the best extractions at the Face Place (with the guarantee you won’t be bumped from your slot because [insert diva here] demands a last-minute appointment).

12pm The Power Lunch


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Those photo shoots, book launches, auditions and meet-and-greets don’t happen without some serious planning. Make like you’re the best actor/model/professional famous person in the city at a table among the pretty people and their err, people at Cecconi’s, private club Soho House’s sister institution. The menu is surprisingly affordable (complete with a great kale salad, obviously) so even mere mortals can afford to dine on the sunny patio alongside Hollywood (and bi-coastal) heavyweights Jay Z, Beyonce, J Lo, Drake and Ellen DeGeneres.

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3pm Splash some cash

Cashed-up celebs know how to spend their Benjamins. Never mind the ultra-luxe boutiques of Rodeo Drive, you’re more likely to spot big spenders (such as Matt Damon and George Clooney) in stores like the ivy-covered Fred Segal store or Kardashian-owned DASH on Melrose. Far removed from fashion, Sunset’s Book Soup is a popular spot for book signings, as well as a quiet haunt for bookworms like Alec Baldwin to flick through novels.

7pm Staples Center

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Whether you’re a Lakers or Clippers fan, there’s nowhere else in the city to be other than at the Staples Center on game night. Courtside is obviously the pick for getting selfies with the Ashton Kutchers and Kanye Wests of the world, but unless you’ve got a few thousand bucks to spare, it’s unlikely you’ll be getting that close to the action. However, I still managed to spot Kris Jenner and Johnny Galecki (aka Leonard from The Big Bang Theory) courtside from way up in the back of the stadium once.

1am Late-night snacks

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Living the high life isn’t all Michelin-star meals and organic eats. Dirty burgers are still allowed on cheat days, but In-N-Out is no ordinary burger joint. The In-N-Out on Sunset Boulevard is a particular hotspot during awards season, with sightings of famous folk all too common after the formalities are done and dusted. Popular orders include animal-style fries, protein burgers (hold the bun) and Neapolitan shakes. And yes, that is Jennifer Lawrence over there chowing down with her posse.

2am Chateau Marmont

The night isn’t over yet. Follow up your fast food stop with a discreet drinking sesh at the uber-luxe Chateau Marmont. This Hollywood icon has hosted many stars in its day, although they skimp on the juicier details when it comes to more, um, challenging guests. A cosy nook at the bar will give you front-row access to potential bust ups and hook ups. Plus, there’s no better place to knock back a few Negronis while keeping up the facade of pretending you’re someone important for a few more hours. That’s Hollywood, babe.

Celeb Hotspots

Looking for more celeb action in LA? Try these hotspots:

The Ivy

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This lunch spot has been a mainstay since the early days of Hollywood. You know anyone you recognise seated behind that white picket fence is probably about to make a silver screen comeback or drop a long-awaited new album.


I saw Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone hand-in-hand just past airport security on a recent trip. But now with the new private terminal, it’s unlikely you’ll see any real A-listers putting their laptops and aerosol cans on a tray with the rest of the plebs. But, you can always hang out at the arrivals terminal in the hopes of catching some B-lister bleary eyed after a long-haul flight.

Runyon Canyon

This hiking trail is perennially popular with Hollywood locals like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. Keep your eyes peeled during the week; even if you don’t spot anyone famous, you’ll still get epic views right across the city from the summit.

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