Celebrity Traveller: Singer Benny Walker

6 November 2015
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Australian singer-songwriter Benny Walker's brand spanking new album Through The Forest has been released to rave reviews.

Through The Forest is the follow-up to Walker’s acclaimed Sinners & Saints (2012). Blues, Americana, folk and gritty rock ‘n’ roll all play a part, but they come together to form a whole, something that isn't anything but a Benny Walker album.

 Singer Benny Walker has had plenty of good times travelling including an engagement and moments of song inspiration. Image: Benny Walker Music (via Facebook)

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Walker has been on the road since July, covering Australia and Canada, showcasing tunes from his albums. It would seem, for Benny, a love for music and travel come together.

"The last album, Sinners & Saints, I wrote the majority of that on The Ghan [train] travelling from Adelaide to Darwin," said Benny.

Multi-day train rides aren't the only form of travel Benny Walker's fallen in love with over the years, as he told us during the Celebrity Traveller interview: "I love going away and doing the really resort style and relaxing and just taking time out, but I also love hitting the road and staying in dodgy motels and motorhomes or whatever. So many different things have drawn me to travel and that's why I'm going from the big cities to the outback in Australia."

Watch the video below to hear why Tuscany, ribs and sweet potatoes and his hometown Echuca are so important to him when it comes to amazing travel experiences.

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