Central Otago Wine Tour

24 August 2011
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Like many people I enjoy wine... and food. I am especially happy if someone takes the time to match the two and offer a few samples. I have a basic knowledge of wine and I don't like to over think it. On my most recent trip to New Zealand I enjoyed a Central Otago Wine Tour, here are a few things I loved about it the most.

 Otago Peninsula

1. The wine
... of course! We tried about six wines at each property. Most of them were delicious, some were interesting! If there were specific wines that you wanted to try you could request them and the wine maker was more than happy to oblige.

2. The story of Archangel Wine

The story of Archangel wine is so beautiful it made a few of us teary! I can not do this story justice in a few short lines. You can read the full story on the Archangel website. The story starts with... Archangel is a true story of hope, love and survival. Destiny at work. It begins in 1940 with two young girls, Stefania and Halina. Forced from their homes in war-torn Poland, the girls find themselves in a labour camp in Arkhangel'sk, Siberia.

3. The scenery of Central Otago
We always hear the Kiwis market themselves as 100% Pure, and we know that their country is beautiful, breathtaking and beautiful again. The drive between wineries on the Central Otago Wine Tour is nothing short of beautiful and I found it relaxing and enjoyable. The tour guide was knowledgeable and told us about the areas we were driving through and the grapes that grew there.

4. The matched food and wines at Northburn Station
My favourite and final stop on our Central Otago Wine Tour was at Northburn Station. Northburn Station “had me at hello”! There is a gorgeous sparkling creek on the property, the building looks almost like a renovated barn and the interior design has a rustic yet modern feel to it. However, the best part was sampling six wines all matched with canapés and offered and explained to us by the winemaker.

5. One size fits all

As I mentioned to start - I like wine, but my knowledge is not good enough to be critiquing wine and speaking the lingo. There were a few people in our group that were knowledgeable in the wine department and were there for some serious learning. Everyone in the group thoroughly enjoyed the tour and got what they wanted out of it.

Sam Locke

Sam is a social media specialist who, after travelling and living overseas, set her sights on a career in travel. Although relaxing, wining and dining in a five star property is of great appeal, Sam equally enjoys exploring the world armed with a backpack, sampling street food and experiencing foreign culture.