Colour Your Stay At The Pantone Hotel

2 February 2015
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We’re all for a concept hotel. Staying away from home propels you into a different space. It can also propel you into a different frame of mind, in turn helping you to see the world a little differently. In this instance, at The Pantone Hotel in Brussels, it’s about seeing in colour – Pantone to be exact.

 You won't have any trouble finding Hotel Pantone

As a ‘global authority on colour’, Pantone splashes out its 59-room colour-swatch retreat with seven distinct palettes. Guest rooms feature works from distinguished local artists and you’ll feel enlightened by the bright and bold colour schemes. It’s a fact colour can alter our moods – add free Wi-Fi, and this concept hotel is sure to make even the glummest of travellers turn their frown upside down.

 Check out the Pantone merchandise during your stay

Guests can expect state-of-the-art accommodation, complemented by a strong focus on design. Rooms are chosen on arrival at reception to suit the guest’s mood. The hotel offers an excellent view over Brussels, too, with the extra-large rooms featuring a romantic balcony with 360-degree views. Guests will sleep soundly on luxurious beds and can rest assured LCD TVs and central heating/cooling is all standard.

 Awaken the senses

While you’re in Pantone land, you’ll want to check out the hotel store, Pantone Universe, where you can browse the largest selection of Pantone products worldwide. For breakfast you can pep up even further on Nespresso coffee and an extensive continental breakfast buffet of fruit, bread, pastries, cheese, eggs and meat. For the ultimate Belgian experience, tuck into a waffle for breakfast with local syrups, spreads and cheeses.

 Experience the power of colour

Considering rooms start at around $A100 a night, this kitsch concept hotel in the city centre is an attractive option for the next time you happen to be in Brussels.

Rachel Surgeoner

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