Cruise with Kim - All Aboard a P&O Short Break Cruise

24 May 2013
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For the 4 Ingredients svengali Kim McCosker, a P&O short break cruise is the perfect antidote to the stresses of modern life.

"A short break cruise is just full of fun. We're all really busy, juggling a lot of things in our daily life. These cruises that depart from Brisbane or Sydney provide the perfect vacation for busy people. It's wonderful to take a mini-escape, where you don't have to wash any dishes and do any daily chores. It's so refreshing," said Kim.

 Kim's On-Board Cooking Demonstration

Followers of the 4 Ingredients phenomena that has swept Australia and indeed the globe since the launch the first book in 2007, will enjoy the additional bonus of meeting Kim and watching a live cooking demonstration by the mother of three on a dedicated P&O Food and Wine Cruise and a P&O Lifestyle Cruise.

"I do 2 x 1 hour shows in the marquee of the main auditorium. In these cooking demonstrations, I share with the audience my tips on what works for me, when I have ten minutes on a Wednesday night to prepare dinner for my family. I demonstrate around eight dishes in the hour. I might show how to do a plum and beef stir-fry, a French onion soup, a soda pop cup cake, chocolate crackles or my chicken enchilada cake. I pick things that I cook at home; that my family loves, that my kids love," she said.

"The best part of my demonstration is being able to serve up the dishes after I've prepared them for the cruisers. I find that people love to taste what I've made. It just brings it to life, when I explain that this recipe is on page 42 of that 4 Ingredient book. It's really lovely."

Kim, who's been working with P&O since 2011 as a guest presenter and participates in around six cruises a year now, explains that the Food and Wine cruises focus solely on culinary delights, while the Lifestyle short break cruises encompass all aspects of living from motivational speakers to veterinary presentations. Overall everything is geared towards learning and inspiring in a fun environment.

 Kim and Cruisers at the Private Lunch

In addition to Kim's presentation, on a Food and Wine cruise there might also be a martini class where you can learn everything about mixing the perfect martini for your taste or a brandy connoisseur class. In the past Kim has been particularly impressed by the fruit and vegetable carving demonstrations - where holiday makers can watch artists carve dragons out of watermelons, koalas out of apples and delicate flowers out of strawberries.

Aside from the official presentation, enthusiasts also have the opportunity of chatting with Kim over the course of the cruise.

"You meet such great people. Everyone's smiling and in such a good mood. It's terrific to connect with the public and have a great chat, possibly over lychee martini, which makes it even better."

2013 P&O Lifestyle or Food & Wine Cruise with Kim Dates

  • June 10 - Lifestyle Cruise departing Sydney
  • June 14 - Food & Wine Cruise departing Sydney
  • July 20 - Lifestyle Cruise departing Brisbane
  • Nov 26 - Food & Wine Cruise departing Brisbane

Holiday makers who book their Cruise with Kim through Shaun Remington, the dedicated 4 Ingredient Flight Centre consultant, will also receive a private on-board "meet and greet" lunch hosted by Kim as a bonus extra. Contact Shaun by calling 1300 160 887 or email him at

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