Cycling Vietnam – A Two-Week Itinerary

13 July 2014
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With its pristine beaches and unique cuisine, Vietnam will take your breath away at the best of times.

Hop on a bike as part of a two-wheeled Intrepid tour and not only will you enjoy the country like a local, but you’ll experience the very heart and soul of Vietnam.

Intrepid's 15-day Cycle Odyssey is perfect for your trek across Vietnam, and will see you traverse the entire country from the majestic north to the unsurpassed splendour of the south.

Hanoi is an ideal place to start, with its ancient calm and traditional Old Quarter. As you cycle your way down the country, you will enjoy the sights and discover a captivating local way of life. Then, by the time you hit Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll be ready for its vibrant delights!

 Get on yer bike in Vietnam

Savour The Sights

The beauty of travelling on two wheels is the relaxing pace and the opportunity to soak up all Vietnam has to offer. Pedal towards the Mai Chau valley for misty mountains and the lushest rice paddies you’ve ever seen. You can also meet hill tribe locals and stay in their eco-friendly stilt houses.

Next stop on your soulful trek through Vietnam includes the natural wonders of Ninh Binh. Take a boat ride along Tam Coc and you’ll feel you’re floating above the land, as the waterways weave through the gentle yet dramatic landscape. Limestone caves and dark grottoes are also part of the tour, as well as the chance to hone your bartering skills with street vendors.

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Rewards At Every Step

Along the way you'll also stop by Hoi An. The name of this city translates to ‘peaceful meeting place’ and if you don’t leave a tiny piece of your heart behind in this utterly charming city, then something is amiss.

After all, Hoi An isn’t on the World Heritage list for nothing! With cars barred from the main city streets, this is the perfect stop for any cyclist. The people are welcoming, warm and eager to showcase all their city has to offer.

The expansive Vietnamese coastline is also stunning. During this two-wheeled two-week ramble, you’ll get the chance to visit some of the best beaches. Nha Trang is the most well known, and the tour includes a boat trip to nearby islands, as well as snorkelling and swimming adventures.

For a road less frequented, try Quy Nhon. If you like long beaches and seafood dinners, then day nine on the itinerary will be your highlight.

 Follow the local's lead

Guilt-Free Cuisine

With plentiful fresh herbs, spices and local produce like green papaya and succulent seafood, Vietnamese cuisine is incredibly flavoursome. Couple this with fresh country air and at least 30-kilometres or more cycling each day and you will be ravenous!

The good news is you'll get the daily opportunity to work off those extra helpings. Cooking classes are also a must, particularly in Hoi An and Hue, which are known as culinary hot spots. Learn how to make traditional dishes so you can carry the flavour home.


Preparation Is Key

Cycle Vietnam is an active trip, so make sure you’re ready to spin with fitness training before you leave home. There’s flexibility within the itinerary to take a break or hop onto the support bus from time to time, as well as at least one overnight train to help your journey from north to south.

If you decide a cycle tour isn’t for you, there are plenty of alternatives that allow you to enjoy many of the same sights. You can also opt to hire bikes around town or for day trips, so you can still enjoy the magic of Vietnam on wheels.

Intrepid is big on delivering responsible travel. The company is proud of its mission to provide fun journeys coupled with integrity. Enjoy your foray into Vietnam knowing you are supporting a travel company that contributes to the local economy.

Marina Barbaro

Marina Barbaro has written for Australian travel guides and traversed widely for business and pleasure. She loves to tour a city by night, mix with the locals and hear her name pronounced differently around the world. She has enjoyed the beauty of many countries including Fiji, Vietnam, Mexico, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Italy, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.