Ellen DeGeneres Is Heading to Australia

15 January 2013
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"I am also partnering with Swisse. I love it because they're an Australian company and they want to help me get to Australia. And so I am actually for the first time in my life going to Australia in March."

And in saying those words, Ellen DeGeneres finds it difficult to hide her excitement for her planned trip down under to film segments for her top rating chat show.

 Swimming Hole in the Kimberleys

"I'm going in March and I'm going to shoot a bunch of stuff in Melbourne and Sydney and we're going to do tape pieces and meet the fans and hang out. Here's why I've never been; long before I met Portia I've wanted to go to Australia but especially since the show, I shoot in the winter which is summer there, and in the summer when I have off it's winter there," Ellen said as she was interviewing Nicole Kidman on her top rating chat show.

The tour is being made possible through the assistance of the vitamin company, Swisse and Qantas.

The New South Wales Acting Premier is Andrew Stoner.

"This is a major coup for NSW as this is the first time that Ellen DeGeneres, one of the world's most popular TV stars, has taken her show outside the USA, and it's also Ellen's first visit to Sydney," said Mr Stoner.

"Sydney will be on show to more than 16 million viewers who tune in to each episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, which is broadcast on weekdays to a worldwide audience. Ellen's visit to Sydney will generate huge international publicity for Sydney and NSW in key tourism markets. I have no doubt that Ellen and her audience will fall in love with Sydney."

In many respects, it's hoped within tourism circles, that Ellen's visit will have a similar effect that Oprah's trip had on tourism when she toured Australia in 2010. Tourism Australia noted a four per cent increase in US arrivals to our shores in 2011.

During Ellen's announcement that was broadcast last week , Nicole Kidman urged Ellen to explore the Kimberleys and in particular Kununurra, where she had filmed the iconic movie, Australia with Hugh Jackman.

"I actually say that's how I got pregnant because I swam in the swimming holes there, which are very magical," said Ms Kidman.

"In Sydney and Melbourne, I'd say go to the beaches in Sydney and there's great food."

It is somewhat surprising that Ellen hasn't visited Australia previously given that her wife, Portia de Rossi was born in Horsham, Victoria, just north of the famed Grampians National Park and she grew up in a suburb of Geelong. Portia moved to America, shortly after she starred in the 1994 film Sirens and began dating Ellen a decade later.

The Australian Minister for Tourism and Major Events, George Souris said, "I'm delighted that Ellen will be visiting NSW and sharing the best that Sydney has to offer with her fans. Ellen's unique mix of celebrity interviews, healthy lifestyle and great humour is loved by fans who will follow her fun-filled adventures in Sydney."

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