Where In The World Can Etihad Airways Now Take You?

24 March 2015
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Etihad Airways has steadily been adding more and more destinations to its extensive flight range including two very popular cities around the world: Edinburgh and Madrid.

Pretty soon Etihad Airways is going to run out of destinations, but in the mean time it might be worth jumping aboard one of its new flight paths, or flying through its home base in Abu Dhabi. That is, if you can still decide where you want to go.

Maybe we can help.

Why Should You Visit Edinburgh?

Words by Anna Howard

Edinburgh Castle casts a dramatic shadow over the ancient spires and craggy ranges of the capital. It's a city where the ancient world meets the modern world, and a pretty fine one at that.

Edinburgh is home to a vast collection of historic points of interest, but if you take the time to explore, whether it's the cobblestone closes that fishbone off the Royal Mile or the laneways throughout New Town, you'll find a city that's all your own. There are plenty of vantage points to enjoy the views, coupled with a dose of history, including Calton Hill and its National, Nelson and Steward Dugald memorials.

 The view of Edinburgh from Calton Hill is one you'll want to take home (image: Getty)

When it comes to things to do, you can take it as a slow or fast as you please. Get your culture fix at a sprinkling of museums; sink your teeth into a culinary smorgasbord that's more than just haggis and deep fried Mars bars; and wander (or stagger) from one pub to the next sampling wee drams of Scotland's best single malts.

This is a city that knows how to have a good time. No matter when you choose to visit, you're likely to stumble across one of the city's many festivals. Edinburgh Tattoo, Fringe Festival or Hogmanay, anyone?

 Haggis and whisky? Can you go wrong? (image: Getty)

Top 3 Edinburgh treats

  1. Sample Scotland's national dish – haggis, neeps and tatties – at the Arcade Haggis and Whisky Pub.
  2. Put your wits to the test on one of the popular City of Dead tours (by popular, we mean terrifying).
  3. Knock back some lazy libations with a picnic spread at The Meadows

Getting there

Fly to Edinburgh with Etihad Airways today from $1,639*

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Why Should You Visit Madrid?

Words by Ben Stower

"Hola, hablas español?"

No? Well you'll quickly pick up a few important phrases when you visit Spain's capital city, Madrid. It's a melting pot of Spanish culture that's alive at almost all hours of the day and night.

The perfect home away from home for art lovers, Madrid continues to showcase the works of great Spanish artist such as Velazquez and Picasso. If you're a fan of art in general, you'll want to visit the city's various galleries including Museo del Prado and Centro de Arte Reina Sofia.

 Artistic legends are immortalised in the Museo del Prado (image: Getty)

You'll get used to ordering food here, and why wouldn't you want to in one of Europe's culinary capitals? If you duck into one of the local tapas bars for a casual meal and drink, you might end up spending the night chatting to the friendly locals and ordering more than a few 'final' rounds.

Have you ever heard of the Spanish siesta? How about the fiesta? Well the two come hand-in-hand in Madrid, making the nights out in the city legendary. The collection of bars, nightclubs and lounges is unfathomable, as is the non-stop partying mentality of the locals and visitors.

 See ancient Egyptian history in the middle of Spain? Only in Madrid (image: Getty)

If you find time for a bit of sightseeing, we recommend visiting the Royal Palace of Madrid, easily one of the most impressive structures in Spain, built in the 18th Century. You might be surprised to see it all the way in Spain, but the Egyptian Temple of Debod is a monument definitely worth admiring in the Parque del Oeste.

Top 3 Madrid treats

  1. Visit the Hammam Al Andalus baths with a circuit of hot, cold and warm baths along with a hammam. It's perfect for a relaxing dip.
  2. There are 40 different types of tequilas to be tried at La Morena Cantina.
  3. Shop for delicious local food at the San Fernado Market, one of the lesser-known markets in Madrid.

Getting there

Fly to Madrid with Etihad Airways today from $1,363*

Why Should You Visit Abu Dhabi?

Skyscrapers meet the surf in Abu Dhabi, a glamorous metropolis part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The city stands out on the edge of the UAE, the sun glistening off the reflective high-rise windows giving them a crystalline appearance, but if you get right amongst the buildings you'll notice there's more than just a beautiful appearance to this city.

Families are more than welcome and will find plenty to occupy their time such as the Yas Waterworld theme park and Arabian Wildlife Park. If it's a hot day (there are many in Abu Dhabi), you might want to visit the Corniche, a man-made beachfront with cafes and safe swimming area.

 Somehow Abu Dhabi is even more impressive from the ground (image: Getty)

Those with a retail soul will be pleased to know Abu Dhabi has too many malls to be counted on both hands. The two most prominent are the Abu Dhabi Mall, home to more than 200 shopping outlets, and the Yas Mall, the city's largest retail centre.

Getting out and exploring the city is made easy with an array of exciting activities including hitting for par on championship golf courses, racing on Yas Marina Circuit go-kart course and horse riding along the beach. Don't forget to take advantage of local knowledge on one of the city's impressive tours such as a desert safari, boat cruise or seaplane flight.

 Desert safaris from Abu Dhabi bring the adventure (image: Getty)

Top 3 Abu Dhabi treats

  1. Join the locals in the morning for a cup of kahwa (Arabic coffee).
  2. Visit one of the local souks (markets) to pick up artisan goods and souvenirs.
  3. During cooler times of the year you can dine in the desert right under the stars.

Getting there

Visit your local Flight Centre or call 131 600 for more advice and the latest deals on travelling to Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airways.
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