Experience The Irresistible Allure Of Romantic Barcelona

9 March 2014
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Like many European cities, Barcelona is made for romance. However, what makes Barcelona a stand-out for me – even over cities such as Paris and Rome – is its fiery Catalan temperament. Catalans are passionate and creative souls and this lively, almost-heated disposition runs through the entire city.

Here are five must-sees for lovers visiting Barcelona.

 Savour an espresso in Plaza Real

Look over the city from Tibidabo Mountain
Tibidabo is the highest mountain in the Barcelona region and has jaw-dropping panoramic views across the city. It also has an amusement park and church at the top, which I think is an interesting combination, and so must lots of others – couples flock here for a fun day out together.

Getting to the top is half the attraction. I tend to catch the funicular (as opposed to the tram) – you glide up the side of the mountain watching Barcelona slide into the distance. It’s peaceful, beautiful and romantic all at once.

Picnic in Parc Güell
In my opinion, Parc Güell is one of Gaudi’s most spectacular creations.

Take everything you know about traditional parks with lawns and trees and then try to conjure up images of the opposite – colourful tiled walls, sparkling reptilian sculptures, huge buildings, a central marketplace and lots of visual jokes that show Gaudi was really letting loose.

Picnicking here is my idea of true romance and relaxation – just sitting back and breathing in the history and the beauty of it all is a day spent well.

Tapas at Can Paixano (La Champañeria)
This is for the couples whose idea of romance is experiencing something unique. Can Paixano (Carrer de la Reina Cristina 7) is a standing tapas bar that is usually packed shoulder-to-shoulder with locals. It’s as lively as you can get in Barcelona and great fun if you’re the type of couple who love to be in the thick of things together.

It’s incredibly cheap too, hence why you’ll find all the locals here. (A bottle of nice cava is only €3). Bring your better half and eat and drink as much as you can then take a stroll along the waterfront afterwards. This is true romance Catalan-style.

Sunset cruise along the coast
From Port Olímpic down to the aquarium there’s plenty of opportunity to go cruising.

If you’re the kind of romantic who likes to impress, then go with a sunset catamaran cruise. You’ll be able to catch the setting sun silhouette the city in a way that’s both romantic and thrilling. While you’re advised to book ahead, it’s a good idea to have a back-up plan if the weather doesn’t work out.

Dance salsa together
Barcelona is a city of passion, love, lust and music – and salsa dancing goes hand-in-hand with all of these things.

If you want to keep your romance levels fired up then find a salsa bar and start moving those hips. I found this a little daunting at first but when you get into it you realise that absolutely no-one is watching you apart from your partner. Which is just how it should be.

If you’re stuck on where to salsa, try the Mojito Club (Carrer del Rosselló 217) or Shango Bar (Carrer d’En Groch).

Tracy Fitzgerald

Tracy Fitzgerald is a big believer that relaxation comes in many forms and has been travelling her whole life trying to discover ways to pacify her restless soul. Her travels have seen her teaching surfing (badly) in the Dominican Republic, playing her violin to strangers in Prague, ‘Jeeping’ around tropical Puerto Rican islands, and living the high life in Dubai and the busy life in London. Now in Sydney, Tracy is a writer and editor who is still trying her very best to just relax…