Flight Centre's Top 10 Blogs Of February 2016

3 March 2016
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Every day we post stories on places that inspire us, breaking travel news, tips for getting the most out of your holiday and personal accounts of our own adventures. So what exactly have our readers been most interested in during the last month?

Here’s a list of Flight Centre’s most-read blogs in February, so you can catch up and keep up with all things travel in this fascinating world of ours.

1. Negotiating The Worst Dates To Fly In 2016

Plane flying It's not always the right time to fly (Image: Getty)

It's not always a good time to fly, as many unfortunate travellers find out. From school holidays to travel around specific events, here are the dates to avoid and best methods to follow if you can't avoid them.

2. It's Better In Bohol

Bohol Bohol delights in more ways than one (Image: Rachel Surgeoner)

It may not be the most popular island in the Philippines, but Bohol certainly has the relaxation, nature and adventure to appease most travellers. Here's a look at one traveller's inspiring jaunt around this underrated destination.

3. 13 Surprising Facts About Airline Food

Airline food Find out more about what you're eating in the sky (Image: British Airways)

Most of us have experienced airline food, but how well do you really know your in-flight meal. British Airways Head Chef & Menu Design Manager, Mark Tazzioli, reveals 13 facts about airline food you probably didn't know.

4. 16 Travel Experiences You'll Never Forget

Bay of Islands Visit New Zealand's Bay of Islands with APT (Image: Getty)

APT is one of the world's premier cruise and land tour companies. Here's a round-up of their 16 best new travel experiences on offer in 2016 for those with the wandering heart.

5. Travel Hacks With Topdeck

Friends travelling with map Sometimes we need a little help (Image: Getty)

Travel can be a struggle at times especially for first timers. Fortunately, legendary touring company, Topdeck, is here to offer some tried-and-tested hacks for making life on the ever-changing road much easier.

6. How To Show Love Without A Padlock

Romantic beach dinner Not all couples need padlocks to portray their affection (Image: Getty)

When Valentine's Day rolled around, the people of Paris winced at the prospect of even more padlocks weighing down their bridges and polluting their rivers. Fortunately, there are plenty more ways to express your love while travelling, as this blog demonstrates.

7. Don't Miss Travel Expo 2016

Girl Swimming Find inspiration and deals at the Travel Expo (Image: Getty)

The Travel Expo is one of those wish-I'd-been-there events where thousands of eager travellers score massive deals and even win prizes. Here's an overview of what the Expo is about and where you can find one near you.

8. 2016's Best New Zealand Experiences

Rotorua mud baths Rotorua treats visitors with its mud baths

Ah New Zealand, our blessed neighbours across the Tasman. The country is back at it again with a collection of the world's best experiences for travellers of all types.

9. Tassie Only Gets Better With Age

Freycinet National Park Freycinet National Park: just one reason ti visit Tassie (Image: Getty)

Yet if there's one Australian destination that could rival New Zealand's hot spots, it has to be Tasmania. This southern gem has garnered international fame of late and here's why the state should be part of your next holiday.

10. Cyclone Winston In Fiji: How Travellers Are Affected

Flight delays Cyclone Winston brought a stop to flights into and out of Fiji in February (Image: Getty)

Cyclone Winston struck Fiji in the middle of February, devastating the country. This piece became a valued source of advice for travellers visiting soon after the natural disaster.

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