The Flight Centre Captain Has Been Found!

30 April 2015
Read Time: 0.3 mins

As many of you now know, the Flight Centre Captain took advantage of the Massive Airfare Sale at the beginning of the month, with his whereabouts remaining a mystery. The Captain, however, left a trail of clues along the way and after many fantastic entries we were left with eight finalists who submitted creative videos outlining where in the world they would like to travel if they were to win the trip of a lifetime.

We would like to congratulate everyone who entered the competition, with a special mention to our eight finalists including the winner, Emma Salmon!


 And the winner is.. Emma Salmon!



Sophie Leask

Although born and bred in a small Far North Queensland town, I also feel at home in big bustling cities. When it comes to holidays, I tend to plan most of my trips around where to wine and dine, whether it’s fine-dining in New York City, or sampling local delicacies in Siem Reap.