Flight Centre’s Top 10 Blogs Of December 2016

13 January 2017
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From cruise ship tips to places to savour, we bring you all that’s best of the world of travel to inspire your next holiday. In December the countries you were most interested in reading about ran the gamut of Australia and New Zealand to Thailand and the USA.

Plus you were keen for tips on cruising, photography, beauty and breaks. Here are the 10 most-read blogs in December to help you get the most out of your travel.

1. 10 Cruise Ship Hacks For Your Next Stint At Sea

A cruise ship cabin with a porthole looking out to sea. Cut down on the motion of the ocean by booking a cabin mid-ship. Picture: Getty Images

From packing a day bag to charging your gadgets with the TV, these highly practical tricks, tweaks and tips can help you maximise your high seas adventure.

2. How To Take The Most Enviable Holiday Snaps

Sunset with a person on a pier. Sunrise and sunset make for the most dramatic colours and shadows. Picture: Vicki Fletcher

Want to make your travel photos look as good as those taken by your favourite Instagrammers? Here are 12 tips to help you take the best travel photos you can.

3. 22 Key Phrases For Navigating New Zealand

Flower-decorated thongs on a beach. Jandals and sand make for a very Kiwi Christmas. Picture: Getty Images

From Maori words and greetings to quirky terms unique to Kiwis, we’ve put together some key phrases to help you navigate New Zealand.

4. Travel Beauty Hacks

A flatlay of beauty products. Pack the right beauty products and you won’t look back. Picture: Getty Images

If you can’t seem to step off a long-haul flight looking fabulous, here are a few tried-and-tested hacks to keep you looking and feeling like a million bucks next time you hit the road.

5. 10 Best Las Vegas Showrooms

Flamingo's in Las Vegas, USA. From magic to burlesque, Flamingo's is the place to go. Picture: Getty Images

One of the most popular things to do in Las Vegas is to see a show –performances include not only top international singers, but famous spectacles with death-defying acrobatics and stunts. Here are 10 of the best Vegas showrooms.

6. Top 10 Benefits Of A Short Break

A woman lies back on sand dunes at a beach and looks at her smartphone. It's important to give your mind a break when on holiday. Picture: Getty Images

Taking mini breaks, whether it’s a simple weekend away or four day adventure, is good for you, mentally, physically, emotionally. Here are some convincing reasons to plan holidays more frequently. 

7. Why An Aussie Christmas Is The Best Kind Of Christmas

A family at the beach wears Santa hats. The beach more than makes up for a lack of snow. Picture: Getty Images

A white Christmas in Australia begins with a white sandy beach and frothy white waves and ends with a cold Esky. Here are top reasons an Aussie Christmas beats all others.

8. City Scoop: Koh Samui

Koh Samui at twilight. Koh Samui comes alive at night. Picture: Getty Images

A Flight Centre travel expert shares her top tips for Thailand’s rainforest-covered, beach-fringed island of Koh Samui.

9. New Zealand: Best New Travel Experiences In 2017

Street art on a wall in Christchurch. Walls old and new in Christchurch come to life with street art. Picture: Lindsay Chan

From luxury stays to thrilling adventures, cultural experiences and vineyard marathons, here are plenty of reasons to criss-cross the ditch in 2017.

10. Savour The South Island

A pretty path and seat on the Glenorchy trail, New Zealand. A great place for a mid-walk snack on the Glenorchy trail. Picture: Getty Images

Take time out from adventurous pursuits to savour some simple pleasures on a campervan canter around New Zealand’s South Island. 

* Featured image: Getty Images

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Renae Spinks

Travel for me is about conversations and connections. There’s nothing like setting foot in a new land and meeting people a world apart. From talking to North Sea fishermen in Norway’s Lofoten Islands to breakfast chat at a B&B in my own back yard, there’s always a story to share and a tale to tell.