Flight Centre’s Top 6 Blogs of June 2016

7 July 2016
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Every day we post stories on destinations that inspire us, breaking travel news, tips for getting the most out of your holiday and personal accounts of our own adventures. So what exactly have our readers been most interested in during the month of June?

Here’s a list of Flight Centre’s most-read blogs in June, so you can catch up and keep up with all things travel in this fascinating world of ours.

1. Top 5 Famous Los Angeles Streets

 Sunset Boulevard street sign Tree-lined Sunset Boulevard is an LA icon. Picture: Getty Images.

You have heard of them in movies, names like Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard, but aren’t quite sure where they are or what they’re famous for (like some celebrities), so here’s a rundown.

2. Have a Whale of a Time on the Fraser Coast

 A Humpback Whale jumping out of water. A breaching beauty in the waters of Hervey Bay. Picture: Jewels Lynch/TEQ

Here’s everything you’ll need to know about how and when to see the only genuine stopover humpback whales have during their 5,000-kilometre trek back down the coast from North Queensland.

3. Highlights of a European Winter with Contiki

 Writer Mitch Knight poses with his Contiki friends at Christmas. Getting festive with the family. (Image: Mitch Knight)

Always wanted to do a Contiki trip but don’t know which one to choose? Let Mitch Knight’s adventure serve as a guide for how to do yours during winter in Europe. Just think: white Christmas.

4. 5 best Outdoor Adventures in Vanuatu

 Vanuatu locals in front of Mt Yasur. Visiting Mt Yasur on Tanna is a must-do in Vanuatu (Image: David Kirkland)

Get close to the world’s most accessible active volcano or dive in the world’s largest shipwreck site – there’s plenty of adventure to be had in Vanuatu.

5. Quiz: Which part of South Australia Is For You

 Girl riding a bike in a South Australian vineyard. South Australia is big on culture and viticulture – take your pick. Picture: Getty Images.

The ultimate South Australian choose-your-own-adventure quiz. Discover some of the state’s best-kept secrets for your next Aussie escape!

6. Surf’s Up in Samoa

 A small boat driver watching a surfer in Samoa. The surf found at Sa’Moana Resort is truly world-class (Image: Sa’Moana Resort)

Forget about Hawaii – when it comes to surfing’s birthplace, Samoa in fact lays claim to the title and has done for a thousand years or more. Get ready to wax on at one of the world’s most decent year-round swells.

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Sam Aldenton

Sam Aldenton is a Flight Centre travel writer, digital content creator (read: takes photos/videos with her iphone and sometimes a real camera) and former retail and youth trend forecaster. When she's not off discovering the world’s best pizza (an obsession picked up from her 4-years in New York), she makes her home in Brisbane, Australia. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram at @samaaldenton.