Food, Fast-tracking and Fanfare – Exciting Additions For Princess In 2017

24 January 2017
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Wearable technology, gourmet pub food, new Broadway shows and enrichment programs for all ages are all part of the Princess Cruises line up for 2017.


Seafaring Wearable Technology

In this era of smart phones and wearable technology, Princess Cruises is leading the way with the introduction of a device powered by a unique interactive technology platform, known as the O·C·E·A·N - One Cruise Experience Access Network. The Ocean Medallion aims to deliver a new level of personalisation for cruising guests, where the ship’s crew will be able to pre-empt everything from your favourite coffee, to your preferred nighttime beverage or favourite onshore excursion, plus a whole lot of other clever things that are all about enhancing your onboard and excursion experiences. The Medallion provides another great life-on-board simplification, in that it replaces the key card and can be used for payments, unlocking your cabin door, and very importantly help speed up the embarkation and disembarkation process. And a little tip, the device is great to locate friends and family on the ship.

OCEAN medallion syncs all of your cruising wishes and dreams. (Images courtesy of Princess Cruises)

Discovery At Sea Programs

Other additions for Prince Cruises in 2017, include a range of new Discovery programs that are proving to be great for all ages, like the Stargazing Discovery program. As part of the program, the Science Channel and Princess Cruises take you on a cosmic voyage as you look to the skies from the top deck. On this interactive guided tour, a Princess Stargazing Specialist will teach you how to find your bearings and identify the major constellations, hear the secrets of the stars and the legends that surround them. As part of the Discovery at Sea program, Princess also offers onshore excursions that will delight the whole family, and come recommended by two of the most trusted names in natural history world – Discovery and Animal Planet. These tours provide enriching and immersive once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and incredible insights into some truly remarkable animals.

Discovery Programs specially designed for all ages. (Image courtesy of Princess Cruises)

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What's New In Cruising

Chef Uchimura's Gastropub Dining

Great specialty dishes and delicious beverages have turned the Gastropub into a worldwide phenomenon. And Princess Cruises has partnered with award-winning chef Ernesto Uchimura, chef of the original Umami Burger restaurant, to bring The Salty Dog Gastropub experience to select ships. These fantastic venues serve dishes that take gourmet pub food to a whole other level. Be sure to match with the huge range of beverages and the venue's live music, to complete the experience.

Beyond the food you can also sample a vast range of ciders, wines, classic cocktails and Princess' award-winning Seawitch craft beers that are sure to broaden your knowledge of all things that tipple. And to top off the Gastropub experience, there is an expansive Whiskey Bar Menu, showcasing some of the best whiskies, bourbons, and ryes from around the world.

Pub food gourmet style. (Image courtesy of Princess Cruises)

Broadway Magic

So after your senses of taste and smell have had a fantastic workout, why not let you ears enjoy the sounds of Stephen Schwartz, the multi-award winning composer of Wicked, Godspell and Pippin. Schwartz who has created four original productions exclusively for Princess, is excited to take his lifelong fascination with magic and create a spectacular musical. The new Magic To Do has blended on-stage illusions with some of Schwartz’s most famous songs, plus a brand new number written exclusively for Princess that culminates in an unforgettable show.

2017 for Princess Cruises brings exciting additions to both onboard and onshore activities. (Image courtesy of Princess Cruises)

Note that the Broadway and Discovery at Sea programs are available right now, but the Ocean Medallion will not be available until later this year on November 13, 2017, onboard Regal Princess, followed by Royal Princess and Caribbean Princess in early 2018.

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