Girls Gone Wild: A Fraser Island Photo Diary

20 March 2015
Read Time: 1.1 mins

'One of a kind' and 'like nowhere else on earth' are phrases that often attach themselves to Fraser Island, but if you've never visited Fraser before, these are just words.

It's not until you're there, driving down the beach with the ocean crashing beside you or craning your neck in the Valley of the Giants, that the buzzwords start to make sense.

It's common knowledge that Fraser is the world's largest sand island, but seeing sub-tropical rainforest sprouting from the sand dunes makes you realise what an anomaly this place actually is.

A Fraser Island holiday requires a bit of work. You'll have to know the difference between high range and low range 4WD (or at least find someone who does), and get a hold of the highest strength mozzie spray known to mankind, but the Island really does make it worth your while.

There's a reason Fraser Island is a World Heritage-listed site. Actually, there are plenty of reasons...

 Historic McKenzie's Jetty spied from the barge en route to Fraser
 Beach babes soaking up the sun on the west coast
 Dusk from the jetty at Kingfisher Bay - your entry & exit point to the Island
 Spotting dolphins on a sunset cruise with the lovely crew aboard the Quick Cat II
 Capturing the sunrise at a Fraser Island Instameet
 Sweet rides for tackling the sandy terrain
 The ridiculously clear waters of Lake McKenzie
 Pop the cork! The perfect way to end a day on Fraser Island
 Another glorious sunset makes you realise how quick 'Island time' can go
 The green on the gold: Fraser's extraordinary sub-tropical rainforest
 Cruising down 75 Mile Beach with the Australian Offroad Academy
 Peak hour on the beach highway
 Keeping cool at Eli Creek on the east coast
 Hannah discovers the true meaning of 'sandshoes'
 Juicy calamari for lunch, plucked fresh from the ocean
 A fairy-floss sunrise at Kingfisher Bay Resort

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