We Know Where These GOT Characters Secretly Want To Travel

28 May 2016
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There are times after watching Game of Thrones when we feel like we need a holiday. (SPOILER) Take last week's episode for example with the honourable death of Hodor (we're still not 100-percent sure Bran made him do it).

We can only imagine how the characters themselves must be feeling. Maybe it's time for everyone to take a break from the political chess matches, blood-thirsty tyranny and heartless White Walkers and go forth on their ideal holiday.

But where exactly would that be?

Samwell Tarley ... Hawaii

A couple walking along a beach in Hawaii during sunset That you Sam? Get down on your knee boy! (Image: Getty)

Samwell's new squeeze has spent her entire life being miserably cold, so of course he's going to treat her to somewhere warm and tropical. Throw in gorgeous beaches and you've got suntans all round (be sure to use that SPF 100+ sunscreen you pasty northerners).

Disney's Aulani resort has quirky characters and childcare for the bub, and who knows, there could be a sunset proposal on the cards.

Arya Stark ... Spain

People covered in tomatoes, throwing tomatoes during La Tomatina So much better than the Red Wedding, right Arya? (Image: Flydime/Wikipedia)

Arya's not afraid of dirt or blood, and certainly seems to relish her moments of violence (don't we all). We suspect she'll kill it at July's La Tomatina. With tomatoes in both hands and face drenched in juice, she'd be quite the spectacle. Just don't hit her from behind or you may end up on her list.

Then it's on to Pamplona for the Running of the Bulls in August and the level of unadulterated mayhem in which Arya thrives. Don't be surprised to see her hang back and try to ride one of the bulls right into the bullring.

Melisandre ... Ocean Cruise

A cruise ship seen from the beach of a tropical island Right where you've always dreamed Melisandre (Image: Getty)

Melisandre might look like a young, intrepid adventurer, but we all know on the inside she's a weary lady looking for a place to put her feet up and be served anything that doesn't include royal blood.

A transatlantic cruise seems like the best option, giving her enough time for aqua aerobics, swing dance lessons and socialising in the lounge (you're never too old to settle down Mel).

She might even be offered her own nightly show called 'A Night of Fire & Magic' once she converts enough staff to the Lord of Light. We'd watch, but don't ask us to volunteer on stage.

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Theon Greyjoy ... Croatia

Friends drinking and playing instruments on a yacht in Croatia It's time you sailed for a good time, not conquest Theon (Image: Getty)

Despite spending most of his life on land, it's clear this salty lad loves to balance out turf with surf. After fleeing from the Iron Islands, it's now the perfect time to aim his ship straight for Croatia's harbour city, Split.

With yacht trips departing almost year round, Theon will be able to find the party he's always craved, skippering a boat and dazzling the young female passengers with his expert sailing skills.

He should probably avoid the midnight skinny dipping though.

Jaime Lannister ... Los Angeles

Los Angeles skyline during twilight Though not exactly a kingdom, LA's certainly a playground (Image: Getty)

With his movie-star looks, golden hair and year-round tan, Jaime Lannister will fit right in with the LA crowd. We imagine he'll want to bring his number-one gal, Cersei, along too if she can hit pause on her revenge plots for a week or two.

Beach, notoriety and millionaire luxury, Los Angeles has all the best parts of King's Landing, plus unrivalled shopping along Rodeo Drive.

Why not make it a family affair with Tommen and drop the news about his real father? It might be best to wait until you visit Disneyland in nearby Anaheim. The Happiest Place on Earth will surely soften the blow and distract him with thrill rides and shows.

Don't worry Tommen, you'll still be a king in the eyes of the Disney Princesses.

Jon Snow ... Ireland

Cliffs of Moher in Ireland Soak it all up Jon (Image: Getty)

Nobody needs a holiday more than Jon Snow (well maybe Beric Dondarrion who's gotten himself killed six times already).

A former Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, Jon seems quite comfortable in cooler climes. He's also seen his share of arresting scenery, but we challenge him not to be mesmerised by the Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry or any of Ireland's breathless countryside.

With one of the world's highest populations of redheads, Jon should have a good shot at finding his next true love after Olly killed Ygritte (wow Olly, you really were the worst human).

Daenerys Targaryen ... Africa

Lion sitting in grass in Africa Forget your dragons Daenerys, here's the true king of the jungle (Image: Getty)

Clearly a lover of dangerous animals, Daenerys will find plenty to dote on (though we recommend staying in the 4WD) during an African safari.

The big five – lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and white/black rhinoceros – are all still able to be seen, along with an array of other fascinating creatures.

With her pure white hair and purple eyes, Daenerys might end up in more locals' photos than the actual animals. We wouldn't be shocked if she had them all calling her 'Mother' by trip's end.

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