5 Reasons To Get On Board With Star Cruises

22 November 2015
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When it comes to sailing the Seven Seas, Star Cruises might not the first name Australians think of. But this resort-style cruising company is beginning to make its presence felt with renowned service and a refreshing amount of flexibility.

We're a fan of the third largest cruise line in the world (that's right) and it's won us over with welcoming Asian traditions and its tailored Freestyle Cruising experience.

But there's a lot more to love about Star Cruises, from onboard activities to exciting ports of call.

Note: Features may vary depending on chosen vessel.

 SuperStar Virgo cruising the ocean (Image: Star Cruises)

1. Onboard Entertainment

Boredom isn't an option while holidaying with Star Cruises. In-built sporting facilities are fantastic for active travellers who might disregard cruising due to its perceived 'dormant' style. Mini golf, pools, water slides and kids' playrooms are all available, along with gyms and spas.

Travellers who prefer to be entertained can sit back and enjoy a wealth of award-winning spectacles featuring acrobats, singers, actors and other stage performers. From international artists to multi-million-dollar crew productions, the show must go on!

2. Exquisite Dining

Despite hailing from Hong Kong, Star Cruises focuses on presenting an array of international cuisine each day of the voyage including exotic Asian specialties, Indian meals and Western food.

The experienced chefs are more than capable at serving up an assortment of gastronomic delights regardless of your palate, with up to six all-inclusive meals a day.

Additionally, Star Cruises offers fine-dining at several restaurants to spoil those seeking a more refined taste or adventurous evening.

 Fine-dining at Genting Palace (Image: Star Cruises)

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3. Stepping Ashore

An expert in Asian touring, Star Cruises covers most of the region with journeys to Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and Thailand among others. You can expect to visit iconic cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, coupled with lesser-known destinations including Hue (Vietnam), Yaeyama Islands (Japan) and Johor (Malaysia).

Star Cruises also docks in at port cities around Australia, including Melbourne, Fremantle, Cairns and Sydney, offering an array of local sights and experiences.

4. Rooms To Call Home

No one intends to spend much time in their stateroom while cruising, but it's nice to have an inviting cabin for private relaxation. Star Cruises' line up of staterooms includes residences with ocean views, private balconies and plenty of space.

Each room is furnished with an emphasis on comfort, elegance and floor space. Guests can also opt for added opulence by staying in the Junior Suite, which features a private butler, Jacuzzi bath and king-sized bed.

 The Oceanview Stateroom with balcony (Image: Star Cruises)

5. Body, Mind & Retail Therapy

Pampering is at a premium during a holiday on one of Star Cruises' ships, which provide more than enough opportunities to unwind.

Find that much-deserved massage at one of the onboard spas, run by expert therapists, or venture up to the deck where you can maintain your yoga or Pilates regime.

If you're seeking a slightly different therapeutic experience, of the shopping kind, you can head to the vessel's duty-free shop Port O' Call. Inside is a number of discounted items including watches, designer bags and boutique apparel.

Visit your local Flight Centre store or call 131 600 for more advice and the latest deals on cruising with Star Cruises.

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