Get Ready To Rock – A Family Holiday, Uluru Style

18 February 2015
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Finding a holiday to suit the whole family can sometimes be tricky. If you're struggling for inspiration, have you considered Uluru for a refreshing change?

A holiday to Uluru is really quite different to anything else you'll experience in the world. The vivid colours, stunning landscapes and ancient culture are a unique and awe-inspiring combination. This is the kind of trip that you and your family will relive in your memories for a lifetime.

 Get up close to Uluru, one of Australia's greatest icons

Exclusive Flight Centre family tours

To help families get the most out of the red centre and to make booking simple, Flight Centre now offers exclusive family tours to Uluru. Just one booking opens up a whole host of exciting activities to keep the troupe entertained. Luke Wheatley, who recently took his family on AAT Kings' '4-day Uluru Family Shindig', was impressed by this particular aspect, "I think the best thing about the trip is that there was something for the adults and for the kids. All the kids had such a great time and the adults got to relax."

A rock show of light

The first highlight of Luke's trip happened before he and his family even arrived, "Landing in Uluru was pretty amazing. You see the rock for the first time from the air and land right near it. Later on, you get to watch the sun set on Uluru, which is awesome – the rock changes colour so many times. You can relax and have a wine and the kids can have a juice, that's really nice."

On the first morning there's an opportunity to watch Uluru set alight by the first rays of the sun before exploring its base on a guided walk. "We got to touch Uluru, listen to aboriginal stories and learn how the indigenous people used to communicate by writing in the soil. The kids then got to have a go," recalls Luke. Here you can also enjoy a spot of bird watching, learn about bush medicine, explore an exhibition of cave art and visit Uluru's most prominent waterhole.

 Fun and learning for all the family

Going dotty

Day three starts with an exciting expedition to Kata Tjuta (the Olgas), then to the Valley of the Winds and Walpa Gorge. Later on you can join local indigenous artists for a fun interactive dot-painting workshop. Luke recalls, "We went to the museum and heard from an elder about Uluru and the spiritual significance of the site. We were shown dot painting and how the indigenous people communicate with their pictures. The kids then got to try dot painting. I think the kids talked about that and all the aboriginal stories more than anything else."

 Who needs wheels when you have a cavalcade of camels?

Camel fun

On the last day it's time for the camel ride of your life. Both parents and kids sit atop a troupe of camels and wander through beautiful sand dune country. "For me the camel riding was the highlight of the trip, that and watching sun set over Uluru. The kids really loved the chocolate fondue in the hotel and had loads of fun in the pool."

Book now

This once in a lifetime family experience is exclusive to Flight Centre customers. With five departures across the school holidays (29 June, 6 July, 17 August, 21 September and 28 September) this is a must do holiday for 2015. There is limited capacity per tour so get in quickly. Visit Uluru Family Shindig to find out more.


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