Get This, Skip The Customs Queue

2 October 2015
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Travellers stuck in the recent strike action at Australia’s international airports over 10 days from September 21 will know the pain of collecting your baggage only to be stuck in a winding queue to clear customs. Whether you had something to declare or not, a speedy exit home after your overseas flights was blocked by skeleton staff processing passengers within the Department of Immigration and Border Protection area at eight international airports in Australia.

 Avoid the lengthy queues with an Express Path pass.

Returning to Brisbane on Sunday, I discovered another route – the Express Path lane. Accessible with a pass for select passengers and utterly devoid of travellers and their luggage, this fast-track Express Path lane or Premium Security Lane is available for first class and business class passengers as well as top-tier frequent flyers, and the dedicated gate means you’ll skip the snaking lines for the ‘red’ and ‘green’ exits.

If you’re travelling as a premium passenger in one of these cabin classes or are a top-tier member of a frequent flyer program on an inbound international flight to Australia, you’ll be given an Express Path card at check-in or on the plane to expedite the arrivals process. During busy periods, the Express Path lane has its own gate, or feeds into the ‘green’ exit outside peak hours.

While it’s nothing new for passengers at the pointy end of the plane, it’s worth knowing a quick exit is another one of the perks of upgrading your seat. The Express Path lane is available for eligible passengers at selected international ports as well as Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne domestic terminals.

Cassandra Laffey

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