Great Barrier Reef Is Bursting With Colour

7 April 2016
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It’s one of the seven wonders of the natural world and, at 344,400 square kilometres, the only living thing visible from space – the Great Barrier Reef holds a special place in the hearts of travellers, so recent coral bleaching events have naturally caused some concern. But our friends at Tourism Tropical North Queensland and the Quicksilver Group are happy to report there’s plenty of colourful coral reefs and abundant marine life to see.

TTNQ chief executive officer Alex de Waal says while the bleaching events recorded off Cape York are of great concern, other parts of the 2,300-kilometre-long reef are looking great.

 Moore Reef from the Great Adventures pontoon. Taken March 2016. Picture: Great Adventures


“People ... do not realise just how large the Great Barrier Reef is and that the bleaching scientists are talking about is occurring 240 kilometres north of Cairns,” Mr de Waal says.

“Our operators have reported just a few isolated incidents of staghorn coral bleaching in the areas they operate and fortunately the majority of the reefs off Cairns and Port Douglas are looking great.”

The Quicksilver Group operates a range of companies running cruises to the Outer Barrier Reef, as well as island cruises, dive and snorkel excursions, and liveaboard dive boat trips. Here they share with us some very recent photos of this colourful underwater wonderland. Enjoy!

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Agincourt Reef

 Agincourt Reef, taken March 2016. Picture: Silversonic/Silver Series



 Agincourt Reef, from the Quicksilver Cruises pontoon. Taken March 2016. Picture: Quicksilver Cruises


Flynn Reef

 Flynn Reef, taken March 2016. Picture: Silverswift/Silver Series


Green Island

 Green Island, taken March 2016. Picture: Great Adventures


Michaelmas Cay

 Michaelmas Cay, taken March 2016. Picture: Ocean Spirit Cruises


Moore Reef

 Moore Reef from the Great Adventures Pontoon. Taken March 2016. Picture: Great Adventures


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