Hawaii - Change Your Perception

13 July 2012
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Teneille Fackler from Flight Centre Currimundi had no choice but to change her perception of Hawaii after enjoying a wonderful and relaxing stay in paradise.

Hawaii had never been high on my to-do list, but I’m so thankful I recently had the opportunity to travel to this great destination for a work trip. I’d always imagined Hawaii as being tacky with below average beaches. Boy was I wrong!

 Hawaii's Coastline

Did you know…

  • Some of the sand on Waikiki is from Australia.
  • Within walking distance to most hotels is Luxury Row, a collection of eight of the most luxurious boutiques in the world including Chanel, Tiffany & Co, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent.
  • Hawaii is the most isolated population centre in the world.

For me, Hawaii now means amazing beaches, first-class shopping and unavoidable relaxation all in one. What’s not to love?

Sheraton Waikiki
Waikiki is all about the view. The beautiful hotels that line the white sand beaches of Waikiki all offer both fabulous facilities and a view worth every cent. Situated on the beach, the Sheraton Waikiki offers a family pool area complete with water slide and deck chairs. It also boasts a newly constructed ‘infinity pool’, looking over the Waikiki boardwalk and seemingly spilling over into the Pacific Ocean. Relaxing on a floating beanbag with a Mai Tai cocktail in hand is a must do at this resort.

Moana Surfrider
Another one of my favourite hotels is the Moana Surfrider. This hotel is a beautiful traditional French Colonial style building that opened in 1901. It was the first hotel to ever be constructed in Hawaii. At the centre of this historical building is a courtyard which surrounds a magnificent old banyan tree. As we lay back on the exclusive private beach sipping our perfectly blended cocktails, we were lucky enough to be greeted by a few turtles playing in the waves.

Pearl Harbour
I knew our Honolulu visit would never be complete without a trip to Pearl Harbour. This very sad and emotional place is a memorial to the hundreds of men, women and children who died here on the 7th of December 1941 during the surprise Japanese attack. The free boat trip out to the sunken USS Arizona where a floating pontoon allows you to explore the wreck was an experience we will never forget.

Thinking of enjoying a vacation to Hawaii or taking an Hawaii Cruise? Contact Teneille Fackler, an International Travel Consultant with Flight Centre Currimundi, Queensland who can be reached on 1300 281 619 or via email at teneille.fackler@flightcentre.com.au.

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