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29 May 2016
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Geckos does group travel better than the best of them with epic adventures for 18- to 30-somethings. You’ll hang out with people your own age, see stuff the coach-loads of tourists never knew existed and get plenty of free time along the way.

Geckos treads lightly, thinks locally and makes sure their trips are helping the places they visit. Run wild with Geckos.






Travel cross country in a small group with an open mind and a sense of adventure. Sleep in homestays, feast on street food, and discover all the hidden gems. Have authentic experiences with less fuss and more to Instagram about.

Geckos has done all the haggling and handled all the logistics so you can spend more time kicking back and delving into the culture.


Geckos knows you appreciate a bit of independence, so most meals are not included. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get the chance to taste some pretty tasty morsels and tuck into local delicacies.

Your tour leader will suggest local restaurants, street foods and hole-in-the-wall places for everyone to try on the trip and generally the group will eat, drink and be merry together.


Geckos leaders are pretty great. They aren’t just tour guides, they’re your new friends, your lucky charms and your real-life Wikipedia.

Born and bred in the regions you’ll visit, they’re the ultimate go-to for everything local, from street culture to food, language to history. They know their regions like the back of their hands.

Want the best kebab in Istanbul? Amir knows.

A female traveller smelling sweets in a turkey shop Immerse every sense in your destination with Geckos Adventures (Image: Getty)


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An Overview Of Journeys


  • See Europe differently to the masses
  • Sample local cheese, wine and coffee
  • Cool, centrally-located hostel accommodation
  • Less buses, more trains
  • Slower pace
  • Local everything, including your leader


  • Taste delicious local flavours in Vietnam
  • Stay in traditional ryokans in Japan
  • Learn about the amazing history of Cambodia
  • Snorkel clear glistening waters in Thailand
  • View wildlife in Borneo

Latin America

  • See ancient ruins like Machu Picchu and Tikal
  • Learn to dance Latino style in Rio de Janeiro
  • Hear intoxicating rhythms in Cuba
  • Hang with friendly locals in Buenos Aires
  • Dive among amazing reefs in Belize
A female snorkeller sitting on the edge of a boat in Thailand Snorkelling in Thailand (Image: Getty)



Trips for 18–30 somethings

Geckos trips are exclusively for those aged in their 20s and 30s, which means you’re guaranteed to be travelling with a bunch of folks just like you. Hello new adventures and new friends!

Safety in numbers

When you travel in a small group, you’ll get to know your leader and your fellow travellers pretty well. The best part is travel is less stressful, more enjoyable and safer for solo travellers.

Great value

Geckos trips don’t cost the earth (both literally and metaphorically), so you can go on the trip of a lifetime, whatever your budget.

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