Hop Along To Kangaroo Island

6 May 2014
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Located just off the South Australian coastline, Kangaroo Island is a pristine paradise full of natural beauty, secluded beaches and an impressive colony of sea lions. Just a short flight from Adelaide or a ferry ride from Cape Jervis, the island boasts a rugged coastal beauty with soaring cliffs, sand dunes, eucalypt forests and deep blue waters. Here’s our guide to the many facets of the island's natural beauty.

 A spectacular Kangaroo Island sunset

Geographical Wonders

Kangaroo Island is rich in geographical wonders. Among them are the Kelly Hill Caves - a series of spectacular dry limestone caves. Explore the intricate subterranean system and see incredible stalagmite and stalactite limestone formations and fossils of flora and fauna. The Flinders Chase National Park is also well worth a visit. It’s home to two of the island’s most iconic natural landmarks – the Remarkable Rocks and the Admirals Arch.

The dome-shaped Remarkable Rocks are over 500 million years old. Made of granite, they have been sculpted over time by the wind and sea. The Admirals Arch on the coast at Cape du Couedic is a sheltered cliff face with a spectacular view, and it’s a great spot for wildlife watching too.

The Seal Colony

Seal Bay on Kangaroo Island is a protected sanctuary and home to the third-largest colony of Australian sea lions in the country. The only such colony fully accessible to the public, visitors can get up close and watch seal pups swimming, basking in the sun and playfully frolicking with other seals. You can choose to either take your own self-guided tour along the boardwalk to a number of spectacular lookouts, or take a dedicated beach tour.

Meanwhile, the island’s heritage-listed ‘Little Sahara’ is made up of more than two square kilometres of windswept sand dunes. Hire a sand board or toboggan and surf the dunes, or simply marvel at its spectacular beauty.

Cape Borda Lightstation

On the northwest corner of Kangaroo Island and bordered by the Flinders Chase National Park is the Cape Borda Lightstation. It has withstood the harsh elements and pounding of the surf for more than 150 years.

Take the one-kilometre hike through Cape Borda’s rock gardens to the stone lookout and you might catch a glimpse of pods of whales and dolphins. Or otherwise walk along Harvey’s Return - the original route used by lighthouse keepers - and spend a night in the lighthouse keeper’s cottage.

Natural Highlights

The aqua-coloured seas surrounding Kangaroo Island are teeming with marine life and offer some of the best diving in Australia. Swim among beautiful coral reefs and if you're lucky, you might spot the elusive Leafy Seadragon.

Divers will enjoy exploring the more than 60 recorded shipwrecks strewn across the ocean floor. About a third of Kangaroo Island is devoted to national park and conservation. Hike through rugged bushland, walk along dramatic cliff faces, explore its wetlands and wander its sandy beaches.

Tasty Extras

Kangaroo Island is committed to sustainable living and offers an excellent example of the balance between nature and agriculture. The locals produce some of the best gourmet food in Australia, so be sure to dine on the fresh fish, hand-cured cheese, golden bush honey and organic vegetables on hand.

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