Inspirational Images of Australia

26 January 2013
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As Australians we have much to be proud of. Whether it be the country's stunning landscapes that are home to unique wildlife, our near perfect weather that allows us to enjoy our sport or our "she'll be right" laid back attitude. Given that today is Australia Day, we thought we spotlight images taken by the Flight Centre Consultants and Head Office Staff that typify everything we love about Australia.

Wide Open Spaces

Northern Territory From the Stuart Highway, NT captured by Kristin Bonner

Kristin, a Senior Graphic Designer with the Marketing Department, and her husband took a 4WD trip along the Stuart Highway through South Australia and the Northern Territory. They hadn't seen a passing car on the road for at least an hour, the air temperature was 45 degress and there was blinding sun against the red of the iron rich dirt.

"We drove over a bypass and didn't think anything of it as the road had a slight curve. We turned about one kilometre past the bridge and glimpsed the track on the other side. We drove back and parked the car in middle of the road on top of the railway bridge, which was about 15 metres above railway line. We were both struck by this perfect engineering feat - a straight track disappearing far into the horizon. Quite a sight indeed," said Kristin.

Love of Sport

Port Douglas Port Douglas, QLD captured by Anna Shannon

Anna, who works in the North Ryde Flight Centre store, decided to take her husband to the exclusive enclave of Port Douglas in Tropical North Queensland for his 35th birthday.

"We stayed for four days at the Oaks Lagoons. On the day of his birthday we did an Outer Great Barrier Reef trip with Quicksilver. The highlight for me was going in the semi-submersible, where I was able to admire the astonishing colours of the coral reef. This photo was taken from the shoreline on the following day. We had just enjoyed a delicious breakfast at a cute cafe and the yacht sailed past. I thought it looked great against the light. It made me realise that even though the famous sports of cricket and football dominate our headlines, there are many other sports that Australians enjoy," said Anna.

Perfect Weather

Circular Quay Circular Quay, NSW captured by Katrina Imbruglia

Katrina Imbruglia, who is based in regional Queensland, flew to Sydney to begin a fantastic cruise through the South Pacific on board the Carnival Spirit. After exploring the sights of the Harbour City, she headed towards the passenger terminal of Circular Quay and was struck by the majesty of the ship with the iconic Opera House in the background.

"It was just magnificent. But what made the departure all the more impressive was the weather. It was just one of those glorious balmy days with the sun's rays shining down and a gentle sea breeze coming off the ocean. Looking back at this image, I can almost feel that perfect Sydney summer day," said Katrina.

Laid-back Lifestyle

York Peninsula Yorke Peninsula, SA captured by Morgane Szymonowicz

Morgane and her partner were holidaying for the second time on South Australia's Yorke Peninsula at a beautiful spot called Point Souttar.

"My partner's god-mother has a beach shack there so we decided to spend five glorious days doing absolutely nothing but chilling out. We spent our time relaxing, reading, fishing, going down to the local restaurants and having barbecues on the little deck. The hammock is always there - I have to share it with my boyfriend, we do compromise a bit. I probably get to use it more than him though," said Morgane. 

Unique Wildlife

Northern Territory Daydream Island, QLD captured by Stephen Bullock

Stephen, a Flight Centre Consultant based at the Narellan Town Centre Store, travelled to Daydream Island for a wedding. He spent three nights at this mesmerising destination in the Whitsundays. This image was captured at Lover's Cove, a popular beach area for receptions, which is also home to many Kangaroos who hang around the beautiful spot and who seem to enjoy the view as much as the visitors.

"The kangaroos are really curious and super used to people. This kangaroo just stared at me while his friend lay down in the shade. I'm not sure if he wanted me to say something but he was perfectly happy to pose for the shot," said Stephen.

Flight Centre's Consultants

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