Insta-Adventure: Jason & Emilie Fly With Emirates

31 October 2016
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With more than 230 aircraft flying to more than 150 destinations in 80 countries, Emirates can take you pretty much anywhere you want to go. Instagrammers @helloemilie and @jasoncharleshill found this out when they had to find a way from Egypt to England to begin their grand tour of Europe, and from Switzerland to Australia to come home. Along the way they enjoyed fine food, entertainment and service. Here they share their experiences, and their tips for long-haul travel.

Sharing golden hour with the Locals, downtown Giza.... @experienceegypt @thisisegypt @theobewanderer #thisisegypt

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You took the unusual route of Cairo-Dubai-London and your return journey was Zurich-Dubai-Brisbane – were you impressed with Emirates’ ability to take you where you needed to go?

Yes we were super impressed that we were able to find a flight path that worked with our existing travel plans, especially as we are travelling so much and never know where in the world we can end up!

Night lights over London. ✨ It doesn't get much more special than this... @flightcentreau @horseguardsldn #openmyworld

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What was your in-flight meal like?

The in-flight meals were great, exactly what you need through the flight and are definitely a much better experience than others we have had in the past.

What did you think of the award-winning in-flight entertainment?

The in-flight entertainment was really impressive, there was such a huge selection of new movies we haven't watched. So it was great to know from the start of the journey that there would be lots to keep us entertained throughout the long-haul flights.

 Surreal but normal - Emirates' A380 aircraft.

Your return flight was on an A380 – what’s it like flying on the biggest passenger aircraft in the world?

Seeing how big the plane is before you walk on is quite a surreal feeling, although once you are in your seat and settled in, it feels completely normal and comfortable.

What did you like most about flying Emirates?

Definitely the service. When you fly Emirates there is a sense of comfort that comes with it and you know you will be looked after.

What was your favourite airport on the trip?

It has to be Dubai! One of the most incredible airports, with everything you could possibly need/think of. There is an endless amount of amazing restaurants and a huge range of shopping, places to get a massage, shower and sleep!

 Dubai Airport has everything you need. Picture: Dubai Airport

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What is your carry-on essential?

Staying hydrated through so many long-haul flights and airports is probably the most important thing you can do for yourself. Always make sure you have some sort of hydrating moisturiser with you at all times, along with a face mist and some sort of small body spray/perfume so you can feel as fresh as possible throughout the flight.

What are your best tips for frequent travellers?

Make the most out of flying/travelling all the time! Try to stick with one airline or company so you can claim all your frequent flyer points. After a while the benefits really do add up and make it all worth it.

How do you pass time on a long-haul flight?

As we do travel so much, long-haul flights usually become a time to zone out and really enjoy the in-flight entertainment. It also becomes a great time to catch up on some work by spending time editing and going through our recent photographs.

 Check out the duty free options in Dubai. Picture: Dubai Airport

How do you like to pass time at the airport?

This really depends how long our layover is. We always end up finding something to do which makes the time go by really quickly, whether it is enjoying some sort of refreshment or some duty-free shopping. Or on the super-long layovers, having a refreshing shower and even a sleep, which is all really easy to do if you are at an amazing airport like Dubai!

What are your best jet-lag tips?

Change the time on your watch/phone as soon as possible to your end destination – it can really help with time adjustment. Get as much sleep as you can on the plane, but when you land in your final destination, always try to stay awake to go to bed at the right time in your new time zone. This can make such a huge difference!

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