Just One Week Left To Catch Sculpture By The Sea

31 October 2014
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Giant frypans, colourful thrones made out of recycled plastics and humpback whales carved from driftwood – these are just some of the weird and wonderful sculptures on show at the 18th annual Sculpture By The Sea this year in Sydney.

Located along the breathtaking coastal walk from Bondi to Tamarama, the large scale outdoor exhibition features 109 sculptures from 16 different countries. Put some of these artworks in a gallery and you might overlook them, but with the stunning Pacific Ocean and Sydney’s best beaches as a backdrop, these pieces really come to life.

 Tamarama Beach is alive with sculpture enthusiasts

So when I rocked up to Tamarama Beach last Sunday, on the inaugural weekend of this year’s exhibition, it was no surprise that tens of thousands of people also had the same idea. It also happened to be a scorching hot 32-degree Celsius day – like you didn't already need an excuse to go to the beach!

 Man-made meets nature

Worth contending with the crowds, I began on my path with every bend and vista in the walk presenting a new and exciting sculpture. The fabulously pointed giant frypan (Andrew Hankin’s ‘We’re Fryin’ out here’) so cleverly comments on Australian’s tendency to sizzle under the hot summer sun.

 Andrew Hankin's "We're Fryin' out here"

A great community event, people of all ages were out and about enjoying the treasure-hunt like experience of spotting all the site-specific works. Discussing favourite sculptures, debating the meaning of pieces, taking countless pictures and token ‘selfies’, and even interacting with several of the artworks.

 Junkyard Queen of the beach

Upon climbing the hill to Marks Park at Tamarama, diligent Sculpture By The Sea goers are rewarded with delectable food options from the Grounds of Alexandria pop-up cafe, The Grounds by the Sea. A fabulous beach-shack like operation dolling out quality burgers, fish and chips, coffee and juices, with all ingredients sourced locally  from the finest growers. I can vouch the Brazilian BBQ chicken burger to be worth the trip alone. The pop-up cafe operates from 7am-7pm until November 9.

Sculpture By The Sea runs until Sunday 9 November along the Bondi to Tamarama Coastal Walk.

Rachel Surgeoner

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