Kawarau Bridge Bungy

27 July 2011
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As one of the 'old timers' with Flight Centre, I have had my fair share of fantastic opportunities to experience 'adrenalin' activities. Always one to have a go, I was looking forward to my visit to Queenstown in the South Island of New Zealand. With it's reputation as the 'Adrenalin Capital of New Zealand' firmly entrenched in my mind, I was looking forward to trying out some fun stuff.

 Kawarau Bridge

My room-mate for the week was Sam Locke, from Social Media with Flight Centre. To say Sam was a 'little' nervous about her first Bungy jump was an understatement.

 As the day of the big jump of 43 metres off the Kawarau Bridge got closer I became more excited.  Anticipation was building and some others (mainly Sam) became anxious. I loved the anticipation, I made the decision to embrace and enjoy it - after all, it's half the fun.

With pre jump weigh in complete we headed out onto the old Kawarau Bridge. The music was cranking and everyone was sporting a slightly nervous looking smile. Our group had about 10 jumping. Nerves were stretched tight for some.

As my turn came, I felt a strange sense of calm. I was not nervous, just excited. After getting strapped in, I was standing on the ledge looking into the water, with the Flight Centre crew on the platform all yelling encouragement. I could not wait to get going! After a bit of a dance and a smile at the camera, I dived off the platform. The free fall was fast and furious, and over all too soon. I remember the run up the stairs to the viewing platform. All I know is, I wanted to do it again... and again. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I went on to do the Nevis Bungy, which is three times the height the following day.

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