Las Vegas - Just Like The Movies

8 December 2010
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Flight Centre's Kale Patterson travels to Las Vegas to fulfil a dream. Kale stays at the sumptuous Bellagio Hotel, rents his dream car for a trip to the Grand Canyon and takes advantage of the great shopping in Las Vegas. Let's hear from Kale about his desert adventure.

Las Vegas Las Vegas

Las Vegas was the third stop in my trip across the states; I had already been to Los Angeles and San Francisco and was eagerly awaiting my 6 days in Sin City. I was travelling in August/September so I knew it would be warm. I arrived in Vegas at around 11am and the desert lived up to its reputation, it was hot! I knew I was going to love Vegas when I saw poker machines in the departure lounge of the airport. I was travelling with my sister and neither of us had been to Las Vegas before. We collected our bags and after a short wait for our transfer we were on our way to our hotel.

I knew before we left Australia that the Bellagio Hotel was nice, but when our shuttle bus driver said that it was one of the finest hotels in Vegas, I was very excited. My first glimpse of it was when the shuttle bus was stuck in traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard. I looked over just as an amazing fountain show was coming to a spectacular climax. The smile was soon wiped from my face when we arrived at the front of the hotel. Everyone was arriving in limos and luxury German cars. We, however, were the only ones arriving in a dirty Chevy shuttle bus!

The room was spectacular. Everything was immaculate. We had a view of the fountains which was amazing, especially at night. The next morning, I had a surprise in store for my sister. I had organised with Dream Car Rentals to hire a convertible Ford Mustang. I always wanted to drive a Mustang to the Grand Canyon and to get my photo taken in front of the 'Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas' sign. So that's exactly what I did!

The Grand Canyon was amazing! Unless you have seen it for yourself, it's hard to convey the sheer size and magnitude of the canyon. We were lucky enough to do the Skywalk. It was fantastic to walk out over the canyon on a glass walk way and to look down into the abyss. One thing that I did not expect about the canyon was that in some places there are no guard rails. There is nothing between you and the canyon. If you are scared of heights, I would suggest not getting too close to the edge.

A good thing about having a rental car in Vegas is that you can get to the outlet shopping malls. There is a lot of shopping on the strip itself, but it can be very expensive. There are transport companies at almost all of the hotels that will take you to the outlets as well. I realise that in going to these malls, it can result in you buying so much stuff, that you may need to buy another carry-on bag.

One of the best meals I had while I was in the states was at the top of Vegas' very own Eiffel Tower at the Eiffel Tower restaurant. Absolutely everything, from the food right to the service, was impeccable. I could not fault it. After dinner we went to see Cirque du Soleil and it was as good as they say. Absolutely fantastic!

There are many more things that you can see and do in this amazing town. If you have never been to Vegas, it really is just like you see in the movies. I would go back in a heartbeat knowing that “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!”

Looking for more information about travelling to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon? Contact [email]text=Kale Patterson[/email], an International Travel Consultant with Flight Centre in Townsville, Queensland who can be contacted at 1300 286 469 or by [email]text=email[/email].

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