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13 October 2016
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Endless researching, organising, scheduling and booking can take some of the excitement out of an upcoming trip. Of course, going your own way has its advantages, but often, the holiday-planning stage can make your head spin. That’s where Globus comes in.

Their holiday guarantee goes beyond perfect planning. The Globus family brings to life stories of centuries past with intimate knowledge of every location and landmark, introducing guests to colourful characters and bypassing lengthy queues at world-famous attractions. Not a moment of your precious holiday time is wasted on a Globus tour.

 Toledo's setting on a gorge overlooking Rio Tajo commands attention (image: Getty)

Flight Centre Grafton Travel Expert Christine Byrne found out exactly what makes the Globus experience special on a trip to Spain and Portugal, taking in Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Seville and Lisbon.

“The guides and Tour Director were very knowledgeable and fun to be around; they didn’t take themselves too seriously, yet still offered extensive insights into every destination visited,” says Christine.

“A typical day started with breakfast – never too early, which was great – and day tours hosted by local guides. In the afternoon, we had time to ourselves to explore each city (shopping – a priority), then a great dinner was always on the agenda in the evening.”

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Christine’s highlights were vast and varied, including watching a local match in Barcelona, visiting the locker rooms and hallowed grounds of the Real Madrid Stadium, tapas in Seville (the best bites of her trip), the fabulous half-day stopover in Toledo, and simply walking around the seaside town of Cascais. But there was one place that really captivated Christine: Lisbon.

“It was my favourite city on the entire tour. People were very friendly; the city itself twists and turns everywhere, but it’s an easy place to explore,” she says.

Christine and the group were fortuitously in town the night Lisbon qualified for the European Cup (which they won a few weeks later).

 Exploring the streets of Lisbon was one of Christine's highlights (image: Getty)

“We didn’t attend a game, but got to see the spectators that lined the streets from our hotel all the way down to the water, covering an area of around four kilometres. Seeing people from all walks of life, including young children, celebrating and dancing in the streets was incredible,” she says.

The group capped off their time in the city with an unforgettable Gala Dinner in a castle overlooking the water on the Estrille Peninsula.

“We feasted, we danced – it was an amazing and a wonderful evening for all,” she recounts.

Globus has the formula sorted when it comes to delivering amazing travel experiences. Christine found that her guides truly took pride in their destinations and nothing was ever too much trouble.

 Tapas for all in Seville! (image: Getty)

“If I had to convince someone who was ‘anti-tour’ about the benefits of travelling with Globus, I’d tell them that you get the best of both worlds. You always have the freedom to explore at leisure, but you also get the know-how and insider tips of a local who can point out places you’d never find on your own.”

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