Lookin' For Adventure: US Road Trip Itineraries

24 January 2015
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50 states, 10,016 cities, 4,431 towns and more than 3.9 million miles of highway. The United States entices roamers and ramblers who crave the wind in their hair and nothing but the open road ahead.

What better way to discover everything that the US has to offer than setting off on a great American road trip? Catch the big city buzz one day and fall for the quiet allure of charming small towns the next as you rack up mile after mile of road trip memories. Our list of suggested itineraries leaves no stone unturned as you criss-cross the nation lookin' for adventure.

Highway 1 »

Skirting the California coast, Highway 1 journeys from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Along the road, punctuated by staggering ocean vistas, you can discover the easygoing appeal of seaside cities, classic burger drive-ins and scenic switchbacks with photo opportunities aplenty.

 Cross the Brixby Bridge along scenic Highway 1.

Oregon Trail »

Find out just what it takes to be a pioneer on the Oregon Trail. Sure, paved roads will cut your travel time considerably, but the landscapes are as wildly beautiful as ever. Along with a sweep of majestic scenery, the original wagon rut trails can still be seen at points along the way.

 Become a pioneer along the Oregon Trail.

Blues Highway »

Follow in the footsteps of musical legends from Mississippi to Memphis and beyond. Visit the birthplace of such greats as John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters before standing at the Crossroads where king of the Delta Blues, Robert Johnson, sold his soul to the devil.

 Follow in the footsteps of musical legends on the Blues Highway.

Hana Highway »

It may seem impossible to tear yourself away from the beaches while in Hawaii, but this six-hour drive is well worth the effort. Taking in all the beauty of Maui, it traverses more than 600 curves and 59 bridges in a discovery of this lush island terrain.

 Discover more than Hawaii's beaches on the Hana Highway

Great River Road »

Hugging the banks of the mighty Mississippi, the Great River Road follows the meandering trail of this famous waterway. You'll cross no less than 10 US states as you explore the mansions and plantations of the south, the barns and cornfields of the north and everything in between.

 Watchin' the Mississippi flow from the Great River Road.

Atlantic Coast Drive »

More than just a road trip through the east, the Atlantic Coast Drive follows America's timeline starting with the birthplace of American liberty in Boston and finishing in the modern metropolis of Miami. A series of big cities and small towns along the way encapsulate other key American moments, ensuring plenty to see and do.

 The Atlantic Coast Drive culminates in glitzy Miami.

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 Route 66 »

Easily described at the quintessential American road trip, iconic Route 66 still calls to nomads of all ages with a vibrant collection of Americana. Small towns entice with their unique kitschy charm and big cities beckon as you drive from one roadside attraction to the next.




Best of the West »

Taking to the roads of California, Nevada and Arizona, the Best of the West road trip showcases everything there is to love about the west coast. Cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas inject urban excitement, while sights such as the Grand Canyon provide a foray into the stunning western landscape.

 Las Vegas is just one stop on the Best of the West.

Grand Texan Trails »

Feel the wind in your hair as you set out across the Great Plains, living the sophistication of such cities as Dallas and Austin before proceeding to the cowboy traditions of San Antonio and Fort Worth. Passing such sites as the Alamo,  15 Block Stockyards and Dallas Cowboys' home stadium, this Grand Texan Trail will satisfy all types of traveller.

 Absorb the urban sophistication of Austin on the Grand Texan Trails road trip.

American Rhythms »

Sultry yet genteel, modern yet bound by tradition; the American south is a melting pot of experiences that will not be found anywhere else. Take to the road to immerse yourself in rich culture, fantastic food and infectious music as you self-drive from New Orleans to Alabama and back again.

 Exotic cities and rich culture through the south.

Eastern Seaboard Extravaganza »

Bookended by New York and Miami, the Eastern Seaboard Extravaganza lives up to its name, providing road trippers with inspiration at every turn. New York City, Washington DC and Miami provide more than enough big city fun, while the likes of Charleston and Savannah even things out with a bit of rural charm.

 From New York to Miami, follow the Eastern Seaboard Extravaganza.

American Movie and Music Trails »

Re-enact your favourite movie scenes or follow in the footsteps of musical giants on this 14 day itinerary designed for film and music buffs. Traversing seven US states, you can track down the real life Whistle Stop Cafe in Birmingham and dance to the beat in music meccas such as Memphis's Beale Street.

 Dance to the beat on Beale Street in Memphis.

Eastern Values »

Feel the wind in your hair as you set out en route to some of the most significant American sites. From Boston to New York City, you'll follow the Freedom Trail, tour the Gettysburg National Military Park and explore the history of Washington DC – all the while exploring the iconic east coast.

 Gettysburg is only one stop on the road through American history.

Golden California »

The Golden State calls to those that seek a driving holiday that strikes the perfect balance between big city buzz and laid back coastal getaways. From San Francisco to Carmel by the Sea, the natural beauty and sophistication of Golden California awaits.

 See San Francisco on the Golden California road trip.

Canyon Adventure Tour »

Showcasing the Mother Nature's splendour through the south western US, this Canyon Adventure Tour is one for road warriors who jump at the chance to get back to nature. Drive, hike and climb through world famous natural landmarks as you traverse no less than five national parks through Nevada, Utah and Arizona.

 Natural wonders abound on the Canyon Adventure Tour.

Pacific Coast Explorer »

Journey from Seattle to Los Angeles via winding mountain roads, coastal freeways and inner city intersections, absorbing the carefree fun of the Pacific North West. Mount Rainer and the Redwoods National Park showcase nature's best designs while Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles inject some inner city culture.

 The road to Mount Rainer and beyond.

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