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8 June 2015
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The hedonistic city of Los Angeles is made for lovers. For lovers all things, from wine and food, to nature, shopping and the performing arts.

The city's streets come with a penchant for delivering variety no matter which one you choose to stroll down. Share the love in LA with these attractions.

For Theatre Lovers

With more than 1,500 theatrical productions annually, LA has more shows than any other city in the world. Many of these productions can be seen in gorgeous, ornate and historic venues like former flagship movie house of United Artists, now The Theatre in LA’s historic Ace Hotel on South Broadway.

Opened in 1927 by Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks, this Art Deco venue is now fully restored.

For Wine Lovers

Every wine connoisseur knows the famous Napa Valley and its reputation for world-class wines, but it’s also possible to experience great Californian wines without leaving LA.

The Wine House in Cotner Avenue has regular in-house events and tastings and is just one of numerous such outlets across the city offering evening classes and sampling. A nominal cover charge applies and snacks and nibbles are usually served.

The annual LA Food & Wine Festival also has plenty of satellite events to keep the cheer rolling all year.

 Expect big crowds at the LA Food & Wine Festival's various themed evenings (image: @lafoodwine)

For Car Lovers

Cars are synonymous with California and the dry, warm weather is one of the best car-friendly climates in the country, hence you can find events, museums and collections for the automotive aficionado open almost all year around.

From the world-famous Long Beach Grand Prix to the celebrated 300+ vehicle Petersen Museum (reopening in December 2015), LA is like the Vatican for car lovers.

The Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo (near LAX) is more than just cars, it's also about their famous and infamous drivers. Movie star cars can also be seen during either of the Warner Bros or Universal studio tours.

For Retail Lovers

Steel yourself – and your credit card – for a serious workout in the epicentre of designer shopping.

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is home to Chanel, Giorgio Armani, and other ultra-chic boutiques, while crown jewel Two Rodeo Drive has quaint, pedestrian-friendly cobblestone walkways leading you to the likes of Versace, Lanvin, Jimmy Choo and Tiffany.

The so-called Golden Triangle is home to quirky local boutiques as well as the big-name brands.

 The name says it all

For Food Lovers

The American food experience takes many forms and when you’re done with tacky takeaway, turn yourself to the other end of the spectrum with one of LA’s quality eateries.

Getting a fancy table can be a bit of a challenge downtown, but Pasadena in LA’s northeast has more restaurants per capita than New York City.

Choose from any of the 500-plus establishments, including The Parkway Grill, a Pasadena mainstay since 1984, and Magnolia House, the newly opened hot spot of local celebrity restaurateurs John and Chris Bicos.

For Animal Lovers

Apart from the regular general admission offerings, SeaWorld San Diego can take you backstage to see the star attractions up close, as well as get a firsthand experience as a trainer or handler.

The Beluga Interaction Program or Dolphin Encounter are just two of these very personalised experiences, while a two-hour VIP Spotlight Tour lets you feed endangered sea turtles, Caribbean flamingos, California moray eels, bat rays, California sea lions, or harbor seals. Booking is essential.

 You can feed sea turtles on a VIP Spotlight Tour

For Art Lovers

LA is not just about the bold and the brash. Urbane and erudite art admirers can see and buy quality contemporary and classic art at numerous galleries and museums across the city.

It’s always nice to impress your dilettante friends with a rundown of one of the most expansive collections of 18th- and 19th-Century European art in North America at The Huntington, just one of several prestigious public and private collections on display in LA.

Dozens of retail galleries exist across the city where you can add to your own collection. Head to Gallery Row in Downtown on along Main Street and Spring Street.

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