Magical Morocco

23 September 2011
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Charlie Buza of Flight Centre in Beaudesert travels to Morocco and the town of Marrakesh. Charlie enjoys the amenities at the Club Med La Palmerie and also experiences the old world charm of Morocco.


What an unexpected delight, looking out the window to see the large spans of red soiled crops, but not a tractor in sight. There was just a lone farmer guiding his ox along the rows.

After a three hour drive, from Casablanca, we eventually get to the main town of Marrakesh. It is a small and tidy town, with a hint of red dust on the roads and windows. Everyone is just 'chillin' in the streets, enjoying each other's company.

A motorbike with dad, mum, big brother, big sister, and baby all squeezed on the one bike, zooms past our bus and toots at the man with his donkey and cart that were moving too slowly!

Our bus turns into a driveway with beautiful iron gates, we are allowed through, and we can't believe our eyes at the palace of a resort we are entering. We are met by singing Moroccans who have rolled out the red carpet, and the drums, and dancing. We are treated like royalty just for arriving at the resort.

This was Club Med La Palmerie, the most amazing resort full of the friendliest staff. What a pool, we floated around with Margueritas, watching all the girls joining in the water aerobics to the dj's dance music and the extremely handsome aerobics instructor.

At the Marrakesh markets we bartered for a hat so that we could sit on the top deck of the hop-on hop-off bus. We thought ourselves so clever to barter our straw hats down from the equivalent of $20.00 to $8.00. What a bargain, until we got talking to some other passengers, who had bought the same hats for $1.00 each. Obviously our bartering needed work.

The markets were buzzing with life. There were amazing spices, beautiful artwork, rugs and the most intricate of needlework. You could walk around for hours admiring before buying or you could just spend a lot of your money, paying for the photo with the snake handler and his snake.

Walking through the streets, there is no uneasiness. We ate at a little cafe in town where only the locals seemed to eat. They seemed surprised to see us, but were quite welcoming all the same. The chicken was melt in your mouth.

Back at Club Med La Palmerie, there was so much to do. We joined in the tennis, and volleyball lessons daily, and I had the experience of going for a two hour ride on the beautiful stallion ‘Gladiateur'. What an experience, riding through the villages, where the families are living in buildings the size of a kitchen, and the children are out the front playing a game with a stick and an old plastic bag, and they are just so content, and they all wave at us as we ride past. It was very humbling. It's worth travelling to these countries to get to experience what is really important in life - spending time with family and living life. Nights at La Palmerie were always fun, starting with an entertaining show that changed every night and ending with dancing at the night club.

I was so sad to be leaving Marrakesh. During the journey home, we were admiring photos, and planning when we would next visit Marrakesh.

Looking for more information about travelling to Morocco? Contact Charlie Buza, an Assistant Manager with Flight Centre based in Beaudesert, Queensland who can be contacted at 1300 338 769.

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