How To Manage Your Travel Money In Greece

7 July 2015
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Heading on holiday to the Greek Islands or planning a trip to the Parthenon? The current financial crisis in Greece means now is a good time to exchange currency before you embark on your Europe vacation. Flight Centre has Travel Money Oz currency exchange outlets in certain stores, so we can let you know the latest advice about Euros and travelling through Greece.

 Santorini in the Greek Islands

With the news yesterday that the Greek government is set to default on loan repayments, banks across Greece will remain closed for this week. For Australian travellers visiting Greece and the Greek Islands, this will have a number of ramifications.

According to Travel Money Oz General Manager Dion Jensen, currency data shows the debt crisis in Greece has impacted the Eurozone with the Australian dollar trading stronger against the Euro yesterday, meaning Australians travelling to Europe will get more Euros for their money.

However the total shutdown of the Greek banking system will impact Aussies as ATMs, if open, will have limited funds available for withdrawal. Locals with Greek bank cards are restricted to a daily withdrawal of €60, although foreign credit cards and debit cards are not subject to these restrictions.

For holidaymakers visiting Greece and the Greek Islands, hotels, resorts and tourist areas will continue to operate as usual and tourism to Greece will remain important to the Greek people.

Travellers who have already pre-purchased accommodation, all-inclusive packages, tours and transfers in Greece will not be affected by the current debt crisis, however you should ensure you have enough cash to cover any emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, and not rely on credit or debit cards for Euros.

If you are currently travelling in Greece or planning an extended trip, the best advice is to exchange your currency before you go to avoid lengthy delays or not being able to access your money readily while overseas, and ensure you have adequate travel insurance to cover you for any eventualities.

Top Tips:

  • Visitors to Greece are advised to carry cash and not rely on ATM withdrawals for money.
  • Exchange your Australian dollars in Euros before you go.
  • Carry enough Euros in cash for four to seven days.
  • Carry cash and a prepaid travel money card loaded with Euros, such as a Multi-Currency Cash Passport, which you can use as a credit or debit card and wherever MasterCard is accepted.
  • Ensure you have travel insurance if you need to change your travel plans due to a widespread financial collapse.

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