Mel Travelled's Final Week in Bali

1 September 2011
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After spending a month exploring Bali, Flight Centre guest blogger Mel Travelled has been sharing a series of blog posts with us based on her experiences. This is the last of the four Bali blog posts from Mel. We've certainly enjoyed reading Mel's posts and hope you have too!


My time in Bali is nearing the end and I am finding it a little difficult to come to terms with my leaving this haven. I understand why so many Australians make the annual migration. It is indeed the Island of Paradise.

In four weeks I have managed to discover parts of Bali that I had never known to exist. I also fell inlove all over again with the many parts I had previously loved. Snorkelling in East Bali, Yoga in Ubud, Massages on Kuta Beach and Temple visits aplenty one would think that I had experienced it all. Yet, I truly only scratched the surface of this magical destination.

Bali has so much to offer and suits all types of budgets and holidaymakers. I managed to stay in a variety of accommodation types and of course I can’t say no to five star luxury. I found no matter where you go, the Balinese are always there waiting for you with a welcoming smile.

It is amazes me that with so many tourists the island still remains deep in its culture. If you are able to take a moment to look around from your massage, shopping or surf lessons you will capture a moment of their culture and that is what makes Bali so beautiful. English is spoken throughout the major tourist areas but here are a few sayings to get you by. It is not necessary to know any Balinese but as they say 'When in Rome'...

Good morning - Selamat pagi
Good afternoon - Selamat sore
Good night - Selamat malam
How are you? - Kenken karbare
Thank you - Terima kasih
Good - Bagus
Bad - Tidak

So now you have that memorized (well you can try) the above words you can hit those markets in Legian and haggle on the price 'til the sun goes down…and up…and down again. You can hire a Taxi to Uluwatu and tell him the price of 150,000Rhp is good and you can tell everyone in the restaurant or beach bar you are leaving 'Goodnight'.

And now the time has come for my departure and to Bali I say 'Selamat Pagi, Selamat Malam and Terima Kasih'.


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