Melbourne - So Much More Than Shopping

22 November 2010
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Flight Centre's Tara Sharman takes in some of the sights in Melbourne. Tara visits the historic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and the Eureka Skydeck and she still manages to get some serious shopping done. Let's hear what Tara has to say about her trip to Melbourne.

Melbourne Melbourne

MCG Tour
Having absolutely no interest in Cricket what so ever, the MCG Tour was still enjoyable. There is something there for everyone, whether it is a general love of cricket or just a love of history. It is interesting to see how the MCG has been constructed over the years. The immense size of the place is just awe inspiring. The whole tour takes approximately 1 hour and takes you through the long room, the change rooms, practice area and out to the grounds. If you do the MCG Tour, it is a must that you go and see the National Sports Museum located below the grounds. There are 3D presentations from some of sports greatest stars. They also have interactive sporting items including; testing reflexes, goal kicking (AFL), passing the ball and many more. It is easy to get to the MCG via train or tram, making the tour very easy and worthwhile.

Eureka Skydeck
The Eureka Skydeck is located on the 88th floor of the highest building within Melbourne. I went up at night and the view was absolutely amazing. There was nothing you couldn't see from up there. The whole Eureka Skydeck is ceiling to floor glass. This enables you to see everything from every angle. There is also an optional extra of going out on a glass sliding corridor that enables you to see just how high up you really are! There are binoculars aimed at various well known locations in Melbourne to help give you a bird's eye view of almost everything! There is also a little coffee shop where you can grab some drinks or light snacks if you feel the need. You can stay up there as long as you like to enjoy the view.

There are so many shopping options! There are three different DFO's within Melbourne that all have different specials within them. Essendon has the best Oakley store in it, and the customer service is exceptional! There is also Harbour Town which has different speciality stores and is well worth a look. There are also shopping centres that go over the freeways that you could spend hours in and quite easily get lost in! The Victoria Markets are also well worth going to and some fantastic bargains can be found!

Quest Williamstown North
The customer service was quite good, everyone was happy and cheery. There is a BBQ located within the grounds as well as a pool and a spa. There is a fantastic walking track that takes you straight down to the beach. This is a very nice relaxing and picturesque walk. It is a 5 minute walk from the supermarket and some local take away shops. The train station is about a 10 min walk. The transit system can take you almost anywhere.

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