My Truth about Bungy

24 June 2011
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I finally conquered my fear and hesitation of bungy jumping. By no means did I do it in a super brave or elegant way, but I did it. I launched myself from the Kawarau Bridge bungy jump in Queenstown! I had been thinking about the jump over and over for about a month before I did it. I had experienced huge waves of excitement and mini panic attacks. I wanted to do the bungy jump but it freaked me out, completely!

 After the Bungy Jump

A group of Flight Centre consultants and myself (Sam Locke, social media for Flight Centre) were taken on a trip to Christchurch and Queenstown. Christine and Kate from Anzcro showed us around and made sure we had a great time! Being in the adventure capital of the word, of course bungy jumping was on the menu.

Every person I met in Queenstown I quizzed about the best way to jump. I needed to know what they thought of it and if they would do it again. I was trying to gain confidence in my decision to bungy jump. I drove the group I was travelling with up the wall with my constant focus on bungy jumping.

Here are some questions I was asking people. This time they are answered by me with my own truthful answers.

Would you go bungy jumping again? Absolutely, and I recommend it to everyone! Even the non adventurous people!

Is bungy jumping scary? Yes, but worth it.

 Looking down from Kawarau Bridge

Did you feel like you were going to keep falling? No.

Does the impact hurt at the end of the free fall? Not at all, there was no impact whatsoever.

Did you feel more nervous or excited? Much more excited, but I was still nervous. Before you jump at Kawarau bridge you are shown 'the secrets of bungy' which helps with the nerves. You also see the history of bungy and learn about the equipment. By the end of the tour I started thinking, 'I don't know what all this fuss is about'! The nerves of course came back when I stood on the platform to jump. But the excitement helped me overcome the nerves.

Did you get the staff to push you off? No, the staff wont push you off the platform. You need to find the courage to fall off the edge yourself.

What is the best part? Unlike a lot of people, my enjoyment in bungy is more of a mental thing. It's not so much about the physical experience for me. I love knowing that my mind was strong enough to allow my body to do the jump. Being able to say that I have bungy jumped and ticking it off my bucket list makes me feel proud. Reliving the jump through memory, photos and videos still gives me the awesome rush I had on the day.

Any advice for first timers? Just do it. As soon as the staff have you ready to go, go. The less amount of time you have to look around the better. Take at least one person with you for support to cheer you on. Smile for the cameras and try to hold your body strong during the jump - it will be better for bragging rights when you go to show everyone the video.

Sam Locke

Sam is a social media specialist who, after travelling and living overseas, set her sights on a career in travel. Although relaxing, wining and dining in a five star property is of great appeal, Sam equally enjoys exploring the world armed with a backpack, sampling street food and experiencing foreign culture.