Singer & X Factor Judge Nat Bass Chats Travel

14 October 2015
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She’s a showbiz all-rounder with a body of work that spans the lot: multi-Logie nominated actress, international chart-topping singer, successful stage star and prime-time TV presenter.

A veteran judge on “The X Factor” with four smash seasons under her belt, she was also a regular on “Neighbours” and lead singer of the globally-successful electro-pop band, Rogue Traders.

And now, Nat Bass has added entrepreneur to her ever-expanding resume, launching Chi Ki - an all-natural range of kids clothes and accessories. Flight Centre caught up with the 40-year-old businesswomen for a travel debrief.

What’s your favourite holiday?

My favourite holiday in the world was going to New York. It’s the best city in the world and on this particular visit, it was the first fully family holiday we all did together, my husband, myself and my two kids.

Aside from the quality family time, there’s a great pace and an energy to the city and there’s so much to do.

What’s your carry-on essential?

My carry-on essential would be some rose water mist that I spray all over my face to keep myself hydrated during the flight.

How do you beat jet lag?

I beat jet lag by drinking mineral vitamin water. You can get them at the airport and it seems to do the trick. Oh, and sleep!

What’s your favourite city?

I’ve already mentioned it, but my favourite city would have to be New York. There’s something electric about it. It’s nice for families and great for couples and friends. There’s so much to see and do too.

 New York has so much to see and do

Where was your most favourite meal?

Asian-fusion at Tao restaurant in New York, which was amazing. And obviously there’s a connection with “Sex and the City” so that was kind of cool too.

Adventure or luxury ?

Luxury. I do like adventure, but right now I feel like I need some luxury.  5-star hotels, cocktails by the pool, massages every day, a facial, a sleep in - all of the above.

What's the essential for a good trip?

Just being with my family.

 Singer, actor, entertainer and now entrepreneur

What’s your top travel tip?

To keep hydrated throughout your entire flight and also on your trip.

What’s your biggest packing mistake?

Packing too much! Because then there’s no room for shopping and you buy another suitcase and then you’re overweight - that’s the cycle. It happens regularly. I now have about 15 suitcases because I keep buying them!

Where do you want to go next?

Somewhere warm, maybe Hawaii. That would be pretty nice right now.

Natalie’s new Chi Khi Collection and Chi Khi Bare range are all available now.

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Paul Ewart

Originally from the UK, Paul has lived and worked in three different continents: from the heady metropolis of Dubai, to North America and - as of six years ago - Sydney, Australia, a place he now calls home. His travel career spans 13 years across various print and digital outlets. Until recently, he worked as a senior TV producer for Channel 7. Now, he's back doing what he does best: travelling.