New York City for Nerds

30 May 2012
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As cool as New York can be, the city also has an undeniably nerdy side; an endearing proclivity for comic book stores, gaming arcades and niche museums.  It's no wonder that most of the world's super heroes are depicted to protect the Big Apple's city streets - there's so much free wi-fi worth fighting for! Here are some of the city's not-to-be-missed nerd hang outs.

 Manhattan - a Geek's paradise

Peter Parker's Apartment
If you're a true nerd you won't need me to tell you that Peter Parker is Spiderman, a Marvel Comics creation that lives as a Queens high school student by day and New York City superhero by night. Even if you're unaware of the original comics, you're bound to have seen the latest blockbuster adaptations. Based on the movies Spider-Man 2 and 3, you can visit Peter Parker's apartment at 187 Chrystie Street on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Though the apartment building was used only for exterior shots in the movies, Spiderman fans will still get a kick out of seeing it up close.

The big Apple store
With a nickname like the Big Apple, it seems only fitting that New York be home to the world's biggest Apple Store. Located in Grand Central Station, the Apple store boasts a record size of 23, 000 square feet and is visited by 750,000 people each day. Apart from looking impressive thanks to a grand and spacious layout, the store is also worth visiting for its two ‘genius bars' as well as a personal start-up room where staff can teach you about how to use the products - not that nerds ever really need the help.

Midtown Comics
From superstores to underground haunts, New York has no shortage of comic book stores. A great place to start is at Midtown Comics, which has stores in Midtown and Grand Central. Midtown Comics may get crowded from time to time, but its popularity is only testament to the store's broad range including one of the largest catalogues of new and used graphic novels, Manga and comics in the city.

Maths Museum
Accountants and maths geeks shouldn't leave New York without wandering through MoMath, the USA's only mathematics museum. Established to showcase the evolving creative, human and aesthetic nature of mathematics, the museum has something to entertain and engage everyone, from exciting kid's exhibits to engaging activities and inspiring presentations.

Rockefeller's LEGO Store
Hands on geeks who never out grew their LEGO phase will be in building-blocks heaven at Rockefeller Centre's Lego Store. Beloved by kids both big and small, the two level store features a number of impressive LEGO displays including an Art Deco tribute to the iconic Rockefeller Centre as well as 50 NYC Lego scenes displayed on the walls. While the store has more than enough products to entertain the kids, older LEGO lovers will also be impressed by the range of collector's items available in store, from complicated Star Wars models to rare Belville sets for girls.

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