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New York City’s Top 7 Pizza Joints

13 March 2017
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All right, here they are. The 100 per cent, tried and true, seven best places to get yourself a slice (that’s what they say, ‘a slice’) in New York City.

But you know, if you’re a little hungry, these seven places devoted to the worship of good authentic pizza definitely won’t judge if you decide to demolish a whole pie by yourself (and yep they call them pizza pies too).

Warning though, you’re probably going to start drooling over the cheesy goodness these pizza joints are serving up in t-minus 20-seconds... so maybe don’t be leaning over your keyboard right now...

People lining up outside the famous Grimaldi's pizzeria in Brooklyn. People lining up outside the famous Grimaldi's pizzeria in Brooklyn.

1. Roberta’s Pizza

Work up an appetite as you trek a little outside of Manhattan towards the hipster haven otherwise known as Bushwick. For those uninitiated this is located in Brooklyn. After you get off the subway at the Morgan Avenue stop, take a big whiff because you might be able to catch a hint of those woodfired ovens cooking up the goods. We’re talking homemade mozzarella, house-cured meats, and locally-grown vegetables on Neapolitan-style pizza. But make sure you don’t inhale until you get outside the subway, because nobody breathes through their nose in the subway, especially not in summer. Trust us on that one.

2. Artichoke Basille’s Pizza & Brewery

A New York staple, Artichoke is the pizza place your friend tells you is the best pizza joint in the East Village when you first arrive in nyc, that you don’t try until the end of your trip and then regret not having sooner because you would have had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday thereafter. Don’t make that same mistake.

3. Di Fara Pizza

This is the granddaddy of pizza joints in New York, run by the grand master pizzaiolo himself, Dom DeMarco. Just think three cheeses, snips of fresh basil and just a drizzle of olive oil all crafted and served up by the master himself. Now this is authentic, *Neuw Yoork peetzaah* says with an accent.

4. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Topping many a top New York pizza list, Grimaldi’s is an institution. Stroll over the historical wooden Brooklyn Bridge before arriving at Grimaldi’s located in DUMBO. Come here for the thin crusty pizza straight from a coal fired oven and stay for the real Italian American vibes.

5. John’s of Bleecker Street

At 85-years-young you know this pizza joint has the goods to make it one of the best. Well at the very least it gotta be preeeetty preeeetty preeeetty good pizza for it to have made it to the octogenarian years. Think thin thin crusts with plenty of saucy goodness.

6. Lombardi’s Coal Oven Pizza

Lombardi's is not the best coal oven pizzeria in New York City, but it is the oldest, and with that comes a legacy. The pizza is up there with the best of them too.

7. Otto Enoteca Pizzeria

This Greenwich Village gem does things a little differently to the other restuarants on this list. Mario Batali's Otto employs a technique where the pies start on the griddle and are finished in the broiler. Otto does one of the city's best clam pies, and the pasta is pretty spectacular too.

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