New York with Kids: Conquering The Big Apple Is Child's Play

26 September 2016
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New York doesn’t have to be daunting when contemplating things to do for the younger members of your travelling group.

Here is a list of fabulous things for kids to see and do (and for those of us who are still a kid-at-heart) that are easy to accomplish over one to two or three days (summer or Winter), not too expensive, and guaranteed to get some “that was the best day/thing/ride ever!” responses from your littlest travellers.

Carriage Ride Through Central Park 

Take advantage of having the perfect excuse to do cheesy tourist things and take a carriage ride through Central Park. It gives a great idea of where things are in the City and the gentle pace is good to point things out in response to eager questions. The carriage rides are regulated, so budget for around $60 USD for a longer ride.

 Blackjack the horse gets a pat for a job well done. (image:Tara Young)

Staten Island Ferry – Statue Of Liberty 

An easy and low-cost way to see one of the City’s notable icons, the Statue of Liberty, is to catch the subway to the ferry terminal, and take a ride on the wooden seated ship for the 25 minute journey. If you avoid peak hour, there is always plenty of room and it goes every 30 minutes.

 Choices, choices! (image: Tara Young)

Dylan’s Candy Bar

The world’s largest candy store, founded by Dylan Lauren, daughter of fashion designer, Ralph Lauren, has not just chocolate but over 5,000 types of candy – chocolate like you have never seen before, hot-chocolate bath beads, unique ice cream flavours, candy clothing and jewellery.

Plaza Hotel

If you want to do something a little more swish with your mini traveller, opt for an Eloise High Tea at The Plaza. One of The Plaza’s most famous residents is the ever elusive and capricious Eloise, who was introduced to the public in Kay Thompson’s Eloise: A book for precocious grown-ups.

 If you're gunna do High Tea, do it at The Plaza. (image: Tara Young)

At $70USD per child, it is not cheap but you certainly get value for money in quality and quantity – and the price is well worth seeing your little one’s eyes light up when the tray laden with goodies and decorated with bags of fairy floss arrives!

The High Line

The High Line is just over two kilometres of New York City linear park built in Manhattan on an elevated section of a disused New York Central Railroad. It is a great gentle walk through funky 60s inspired buildings and finishes up at the Chelsea Markets – where kids can taste gelato, sausages, or drop by the Fat Witch for a free brownie sample.

 It is all very funky here on the Highline. (image: Tara Young)

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Empire State Building

Get a city attraction pass and tackle another New York icon,the Empire State Building, the pass will help get you through long queues in busy times. Whilst the classic view is worth the entry fee, make sure to linger in the gift shop – what’s not to like about King-Kong themed mementos?

American Museum of Natural History

Allow a good few hours for what many New Yorkers consider as the best of all the New York City Museums - the American Museum of Natural History. The Planetarium and the opportunity to point out all the characters from Night at the Museum makes this well worth the entry fee alone. Also the gift shop is enormous, and the merchandise is good quality and reasonably priced, so a good place to select for souvenirs that the kids will love.

 Cupcake to order. (image: Tara Young)

Times Square

This buzzing neon mecca has featured in so many kids’ movies that it is great to get your little ones to see if for themselves – it comes with the added bonus of having M&M’s World, plus Hershey’s and Planet Hollywood.

 The High Line has lots of stuff to see for big and little kids to do. (image: Getty)

We have touched on just a handful of kid-friendly spots to visit in New York that won’t break the bank, aren’t too hard to get to, and will form those lasting smiley memories that stay with your kids well into adulthood.

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