No Backseat Grumbles With An AAT Kings Family Shindig

15 May 2016
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It can be difficult to hold kids' attentions these days. If they're not glued to an iPad, all eyes are on Netflix. If they're not chatting with their friends at school, they're chatting online. In the digital age it can seem real life adventures are forgone for virtual ones, especially during school holidays.

If you're after the kind of holiday memories the kids will be talking about for years to come, the usual backyard break just won't do. That's where AAT Kings comes in.

Together with Flight Centre, AAT Kings have designed the perfect trip. You won't hear any backseat grumbles on the AAT Kings Family Shindig Holiday Series.

Travel Inspiration Fun for all ages in the Northern Territory (all images: AAT Kings)

From Australia to New Zealand, these specialised itineraries offer fun for all ages.

For kids, this means a ready-made pack of fellow adventurers to explore new destinations, while mums and dads can enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation with other parents. Itineraries also allow for some early bed times so the adults can socialise in the evenings.

Family Shindigs can also be customised. Your brood won't be restricted by accommodation options, as there is a style to suit any budget or family size. To add to the experience, each child receives a special travel pack which includes: a work book, drink bottle, stationery, sunscreen and hat.

Travel Inspiration Kids can learn the art and traditions of becoming a Maori warrior

With the help of expert Travel Directors and Driver Guides, young ones can discover ancient worlds and natural wonders without the experience feeling like a history lesson. Of course, parents can join in on the fun too as these engaging hosts bring destinations to life!

Each Family Shindig has been road-tested by real families to ensure they get the thumbs-up from mums and dads, teens and tots alike. The hardest part of any school holiday is keeping the kids entertained, but with an AAT Kings Family Shindigs, there's never a dull moment. Those iPads will be a distant memory...

Uluru Family Shindigs

The heart of Australia is unbeatable when it comes to rugged and remote adventures. The Red Centre will captivate both young and old unlike any other place on earth. Vast, terracotta plains, ancient indigenous lore and vivid sunsets awash in crimson and purple hues over the almighty Uluru frame some truly epic experiences.

Travel Inspiration Anangu artists lead interactive dot-painting workshops in Uluru

Highlights include:

  • A sunset toast overlooking Uluru while a National Park Ranger 'edu-tains' the kids
  • Exploring the massive Kata Tjuta, including a wind-swept walk through Walpa Gorge
  • An in-depth glimpse into indigenous culture wildlife conservation
  • A meal under the stars at the award-winning Uluru Barbecue Dinner
  • An interactive dot-painting workshop with a local Anangu artist
  • A camel ride through sand dune country atop a camel
  • Wander through sand dune country on a camel ride

New Zealand Family Shindigs

Take your halflings to Middle-earth and beyond with an adventure of great proportions. The Land of the Long White Cloud isn't short on jaw-dropping, eye-popping experiences. Trust us; you won't hear any cries of 'are we there yet?' driving along winding roads through snow-dusted peaks, quaint towns and bottle green landscapes.

Travel Inspiration All paths lead to Hobbiton with AAT Kings in New Zealand

Highlights include:

  • Hand-feeding stingray and a behind the scenes look at the Sea Life Aquarium
  • A magical boat ride through the twinkling Waitomo Glowworm Caves
  • Learning the traditions behind becoming a Maori warrior – and practicing your toughest poses!
  • Cuddling up to furry friends and baby animals at the Agrodome Sheep Show
  • A visit to Rainbow Springs to learn about hatching and raising Kiwi chicks
  • Racing the family on a adrenalin-racing luge ride
  • Dressing up like a hobbit and getting lost amongst the hobbit holes and garden blooms at the Hobbiton™ Movie Set

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Anna Howard

Give me street food over Michelin stars, cellar doors over wine bars and small towns and wide open spaces over big cities any day. Travel for me means ticking off the 'to eat and drink' list one regional flavour and wine bottle at a time.