Oriental Markets in Port Louis

30 May 2011
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After spending a luxurious couple of days between the Shandrani Resort and Spa and Dinarobin Golf and Spa it was time for Sam Locke of Flight Centre to head to the hustle and bustle of Port Louis. Port Louis is the capital of the island and is home to the famous Port Louis old oriental markets and the new Caudan Waterfront. Sam tells us about the markets - she sounds pretty keen on them too!

 Port Louis Markets

I much preferred spending time in the oriental markets over the Caudan Waterfront.  The waterfront is a new development and although it is much smaller it's not too different from Darling Harbour in Sydney. It features large boardwalks, modern and designer shopping with an additional 50% on the price tag and lots of flashy tourist souvenir shops. Oh, and yes it also has a floating restaurant!

The oriental markets were fantastic! I absolutely loved them! Thank goodness we were heading straight to a Creole cooking class afterwards, because OMG it certainly got the taste buds excited! The dry seafood and tea stalls were the most interesting. They sold teas that claimed to cure everything from cellulite to headaches as well as another one that claimed to be an aphrodisiac. The vendor also tried to sell me something that he said was illegal in Mauritius and legal in Australia.... yes, I moved swiftly along.

Click here to view the image library showing the food section of the oriental market. The smells in the market place were amazing. Fresh coriander, basil, lemons, limes, tomatoes, pineapples and other tropical fruits and delicious vegetables were all contributors to delectable smell. There was a lot of loud yelling and shouting from the market vendors as well as the locals pushing their way through the crowds in an attempt to get their grocery shopping done.

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Sam Locke

Sam is a social media specialist who, after travelling and living overseas, set her sights on a career in travel. Although relaxing, wining and dining in a five star property is of great appeal, Sam equally enjoys exploring the world armed with a backpack, sampling street food and experiencing foreign culture.