Personal Trainer Chris Rivas Talks Skiing Whistler, Resistance Bands and EDC

8 February 2013
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When Personal Trainer Chris Rivas takes a holiday he always balances his relaxation time with athletic pursuits to ensure that his fitness doesn't decline over the vacation period.

"I recently took a holiday to America and Canada. It was awesome. It was while I was in Canada that I focused on being active. So my travel buddy, Jason, who's also a PT and I signed up for an all-inclusive six-day ski package at Whistler," said Chris.

Ski Whistler Chris and his friend Jason

"This was my first time ever seeing snow and of course skiing. The first moment I saw snow was pretty amazing. On the road to Whistler, we were heading up quite late in the afternoon as the sun was setting. I fell asleep on the bus and woke up just before we hit the ski resort, which was lucky because the driver turned to the group and said, 'This is one of the top ten best views in the world that you'll ever see.' It has that incredible blue alpine water with the snow-capped mountains - and the sun setting in the background made the scenery all the more stunning; it was just one of those of things that was pretty amazing. It was so impressive."

Chris began his Whistler skiing experience with two half-day lessons that were included as part of the package. He found these particularly useful as he was able to master the basics of skiing including stopping, turning and traversing. For the first couple of days, the guys spent their time on the beginner slopes but by day four, they felt they had enough confidence to attempt the intermediate slopes.

"Whistler was great because it has a range of slopes that cater to all ski levels - from novice skiers like me right through to advanced skiers. Our package also included accommodation at the Listel Hotel, which was really convenient in the heart of Whistler village," said Chris.

"There were lots of Aussies around. It was more common to meet an Australian than anyone else - many were on a working holiday while others were there for a ski holiday just like me.  I think it's because of the Canadians - they are very welcoming to us. It's just so relaxed."

Ski Whistler Chris on the Slopes

While skiing for six days straight is very good exercise, when his days aren't dedicated with so much activity, Chris will generally find a hotel that offers an on-site gym in an attempt to maintain his fitness when abroad.

"In general I consciously stay at a hotel that has a gym. I'd go to the gym for a quick session, just 30 minutes. I train quite hard when I'm at home, so I don't want to lose it. So I do a half hour session every two or three days to just keep something," he said.

"I also travel with resistance bands, so that every now and then I use them in the hotel. I find a post in the hotel room and do back rows, bicep curls and shoulder raises. You can either put them around a post or just stand on them and pull up. They have multiple purposes. In summer I recommend travellers to go out and do your water sports, go for walks, hit the beach up and swim - all that stuff is a work out."

Chris is busy planning his next holiday and again he's returning to North America - to attend the music festival Electric Daisy Carnival or EDC, as it's more commonly known, in Las Vegas.

"It's a rave festival. It goes for three days and you get the best DJ's in the world. It's definitely a good work out. From past experience - by the end of the day my legs are worn out, especially my calves. You're on your toes the whole day - potentially eight to nine hours on your feet."

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