Pop-Up Weddings = More To Splurge On The Honeymoon

16 February 2015
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Move over destination weddings, there’s a new nuptial trend in town: pop-up weddings.

With love lingering in the air after Valentine’s Day, we figure there might be a few lovers out there ready to make the big commitment? But maybe you’re the kind of couple who’d rather not sink 30, 40, 50 or 60k into a fancy wedding. Maybe you’d rather put that money towards an epic holiday of a lifetime or a deposit for your first home. Heck, you can combine the wedding and holiday by having the ultimate pop-up wedding in the home of the pop-up weddings, Las Vegas, complete with an Elvis impersonator as your celebrant.

 A classic Las Vegas shotgun wedding location.

Weddings can be done lots of different ways. There are no rules. Sure, you can elope with no guests, but with pop-up weddings you get keep it simple and still have your nearest and dearest on board with a guest list of no more than 20 people.

The guru behind the pop-up wedding phenomena in Australia is Gold Coast based celebrant Joshua Withers. “Pop-up weddings are a great option for those who want to commit without breaking the bank. If you look at statistics from the last few years, about six to seven per cent of people that want to get married aren't getting married. The concept of having to feed all their guests, the stress and the complexities involved are all just too much.” says Josh.

 Really, it's all about love and having fun!

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission reports the average Australian wedding costs upwards of $36,000. But Withers says “a wedding’s' focus should be on two people only.”

A number of hotels are getting on the pop-up-wed bandwagon too, providing packages that include the celebrant, a photo shoot, wedding cake and a champagne toast. The happy couple can elaborate on the occasion by adding a cocktail reception or private lunch or dinner, or simply start their honeymoon right away by checking in and extending their stay at the hotel.

 Pop-up weddings can happen just about anywhere.

A pop-up wedding in Australia will set you back around $1000. QT Hotel on the Gold Coast now offers luxury pop-up weddings for $1,850. Pop-up weddings are taking place with Josh Withers on the Gold Coast, in Canberra, Bali, Hawaii, Sydney, Perth, Geelong and Bryon Bay this year. Imagine a wedding with no fuss, no muss – you’ll share the cost, flowers and set-up of the wedding with other happy couples on the day. It’s a convivial affair to be proud of!

 Keep it as traditional as you like.

And, the trends keep coming. Step aside Elvis, couples are now opting for Star Wars-themed weddings too. On International Star Wars Day (May 4), couples gather to tie the knot in the name of the science-fiction franchise. Withers is also responsible for coming up with these sci-fi-themed nuptials; having got the idea for the event after he was the celebrant at a wedding where the groom’s father dressed as Darth Vader and the groom’s uncles as Storm Troopers.

 Or as creative as you want! Photo: The Pop-Up Wedding

Each to their own, as long as you’ve got an epic overseas holiday or Aussie retreat on the cards after the ‘Big Day’.

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