Queenstown - With or Without Snow

4 July 2011
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If your destination isn't chosen wisely a skiing holiday with little, bad or no snow can be a disaster.  I have been fortunate enough to visit Queenstown with and without snow. To my surprise the visit without snow was just as much fun as the visit with snow. This was thanks to a few adrenalin thrills, delicious food and wine, great company, a town full of people wanting to have a good time and stunning 360˚ scenery.

 My Outfit

Shotover Jet

I suggest taking this ride at the start of your visit to Queenstown. It is a great ice breaker for other adrenalin activities and will give you a great kick start to getting in the Queenstown mood.

Why is it better than other jet boat rides? Because the ride takes you through the beautiful Shotover river with crystal clear pale blue water and high rock walls. It gives you an adrenalin kick without making your life flash before your eyes. The drivers are impressively experienced and all of the staff are great fun. They really pump everyone up and create a fantastic atmosphere.

Bungy Jump

A lot of people have bungy jumping on their bucket list. More people are quite happy to never even look at a bungy jump. Regardless of your current stance I recommend you read my blog on my jump at Kawarau Bridge Bungy and take the leap while you are in Queenstown.  For shy first timers Kawarau Bridge is the perfect place to start at only 43 metres high with a deep river underneath it's not too daunting. For dare devils or those taking their second leap head out to the Nevis Arc bungy for a 150 metre free fall!

Eat a Fergburger

I went to Fergburger based on the recommendations of our Flight Centre Australia facebook friends. OMG! Amazing! This is an absolute must do, whether it is for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a 2am snack make sure you eat a Fergburger. Not negotiable.

Gondola and Luge

Take the Gondola up to the Skyline complex on Bob's Peak. The Gondola rides goes for just over 700 metres and will give you the best view of Queenstown. The Luge ride is great fun and you don't need to be a thrill seeker to enjoy it as you are able to control the speed yourself. There is also a Maori culture show, restaurant, bar and gift shop in the complex. I suggest going up in the late afternoon for some Luge rides followed by a drink overlooking the lights of Queenstown at night.

A night out on the town

One of the best things about Queenstown is the exciting, happy and fun loving vibe and atmosphere. Travellers and locals of all ages congregate in town whether they are waiting for snow or raising their glasses to a great day on the mountain. There are HEAPS of bars and restaurants to visit as well as two casinos and a number of retail shops. Talk to a local to find out the best night to be at each of the bars. There are some ridiculously cheap specials if you are at the right place at the right time.

Sam Locke

Sam is a social media specialist who, after travelling and living overseas, set her sights on a career in travel. Although relaxing, wining and dining in a five star property is of great appeal, Sam equally enjoys exploring the world armed with a backpack, sampling street food and experiencing foreign culture.